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2016-11-07 19:28:00 by applessmillion


I'ma be getting back into making some things [hopefully]. Been working on the redesign of Electric Rubber that I had originally planned for last year. Goin good, just need to finish up an upgrade and some imagery.

Just released a new quiz game about the 2016 election. Started work on it around 9pm last night and just finished it (7:11pm). Mainly dedicated time towards this type of "game" because I want to keep doing quiz games, but knew I would need to re-write my Trivial Trivia base, so I did. Since I did spend quite a bit of time on this... I'll point out the differences.

  1. It'll now tell you if you got the question correct or not!
  2. More randomness!
  3. Rebuilt, so no weird bugs (if there are any, they'll be easier to fix)
  4. No timer!

And that's honestly about it.


I'll be bach

Making something

sometime soon

Oh yeah, and publishing the Electric Rubber update





What a year so far

2016-09-07 17:38:17 by applessmillion

What a year it's been.

I've been caught up in so much over the past year, and was unable to give any focus to this website unfortunately. Back in April, my girlfriend convinced me to revive this old Minecraft server we both played on long ago (long story, but I ended up doing it), and so I've was unable to focus on anything else for the entire summer. It's finally at a point where I can take a step back, but of course it's right in time for the start of a new year at college. Since I now have a job (woo?), I have even less time than I did last year.

I do enjoy making these games, I don't so much enjoy the bug-fixing side of things (as I'm sure a lot of people have figured now), and simply put, I dunno if I'll be finishing anything else anytime soon. I may come back, release a game or two here and there, but I'm unfortunately unsure if I'll be doing anything more than that. I'd like to eventually release the update I had for Electric Rubber, maybe even revive that Plantora game I had talked about, but we'll have to see.

Thanks for everyone who has followed me, and everyone who has played and allowed my games to thrive last year into this year. I'm still truly humbled and amazed at how Newgrounds has allowed some low-tier games of mine succeed far past this website, and reach parts of the internet I never knew about (like some super popular brazilian gaming websites :P).

Anyways, I may make a return, this stuff sounds quite fun, plus I'd love to learn how to make things outside of Adobe Flash. I may make a return, but for the time being, I thought I'd at least post a notice of absense as I've not done such in the past 6 or so months since my last post. You may see more of me over my college breaks, or maybe a game popping up over a random weekend, but for now, I wish everyone apart of this great community luck and I hope to be back sometime in the future :)


~ appless

Dev Blog 6

2016-03-02 00:43:58 by applessmillion

Dev Blog #6


Today I decided to revisit something old while giving myself a small break from Plantoria. Today I spent most of my time working on Electric Rubber, and made quite a few changes. Since it's not completely finished, I won't be updating the game anytime soon, but here's the changes so far:

Reasons for no release

  • Scrapped the Option menu
  • Scrapped shop
  • Scrapped leaderboard page
  • Removed mute button (not like it's any different when it existed)


  • Changed resolution from weird dimentions to 960x540
  • Updated the look of many images, making them twice the resolution they once were
  • Changed the color of upgrade buttons
  • Cleaned up a lot of code. Wow I was disorganized half a year ago.
  • Changed the way data is saved and reset (removed a large chunk of unneeded stuff)
  • Added confirmation to delete data
  • Changed the logo

Those bullets may not seem like amazing feats. I'll show you some images to justify this entire post:





As I keep working on Planteria, I keep learning and finding new things to add to my older games (such as that confirmation box). Hopefully I'll spare some time on this project next week (Spring break, woo!) and have it published in the coming weeks.


Plantoria Update

2016-02-28 23:46:28 by applessmillion

Dev blog #something


Let's try that for a logo

Mini update, but good stuff.

Added "Special" category info functionality
Added colored banners to represent level milestones
Added buy button from the info screen
Crops added to shop:
Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow Tulip
Blue, White, Pink Orchid

Made Saturation text blue again


  • Fixed overlay issue with shop title & mouse-over names
  • Fixed some characters missing from texts


Have some images too, not in the writing mood >.>





Small logo yay

Plant Game #4

2016-02-27 03:57:56 by applessmillion

Update #4


Been a few days, and lots has been done! As much as I'd like to write a lot about it, it's 4am for me, and I'm wanting to wake up before noon today, so have a bullet list and GIF for now.

  • Added mouse-over names for the shop.
  • New font for normal text.
  • Modified shadow of windows, more depth-ey.
  • Added a remove button for uprooting your crops.
  • Progress towards plant growth.
  • Added unique background to Daily Deals.
  • Level requirement for crops now shown in Daily Deals.
  • Added carrots to game.
  • Made shop info buttons work.


2016-02-23 23:59:18 by applessmillion

Dev Blog #3.5(?)

This is a mini update with another GIF!

Mostly re-worked a lot of code today to allow for some cool stuff to happen (kinda expected stuff for the game, but still cool). Managed to add in four crops (bellpepper colors) into the game, so those are four more things finished!

Anyway, here's a working gif of leveling up.


Dev Blog #3

2016-02-23 01:48:25 by applessmillion

Plantora Dev #3

Well this weekend was kind of boring for the game development. Mainly consisted of image creation... which is a major part in getting this game out quickly. Here's a quick list of stuff made/changed:



Daily Deals are now working - 3 seedpacks picked each day are on sale.

Wheat has been successfully added to the game


Seedpack Images Made:

Buttercup, Buttercup (pink), Cucumber, Eggplant, Mushroom (Fluorescent), Mushroom (Pixie's Parasol), Round Mushroom (Fluorescent), Round Mushroom (spotted), Round Mushroom (White), Round Mushroom (Yellow), Mushroom (Yellow), Pumpkin, Soybean, Sunflower, Tomato, Tulip (Pink), Tulip (Purple), Tulip (Red), Tulip (Yellow), Wheat


Growth Stage Images Completed

Bellpepper (Green), ​Bellpepper (Orange), ​Bellpepper (Red), ​Bellpepper (Yellow), Wheat

Just to put in perspective of what needs to be completed image-wise, here's a list:


Growth Stage Images Needed:

Buttercup, Buttercup (pink), Cucumber, Eggplant, Mushroom (Fluorescent), Mushroom (Pixie's Parasol), Round Mushroom (Fluorescent), Round Mushroom (spotted), Round Mushroom (White), Round Mushroom (Yellow), Mushroom (Yellow), Pumpkin, Soybean, Sunflower, Tomato, Tulip (Pink), Tulip (Purple), Tulip (Red), Tulip (Yellow), Carrot, Cotton, Cabbage Honeydew, Iris, Mushroom (Brown), Mushroom (Red), Round Mushroom (Brown), Round Mushroom (Red), Onion, Orchid (Blue), Orchid (Pink), Orchid (White), Potato, Raddish, Watermellon


Seedpack Images Needed:

Apple (Red), Apple (Yellow), Orange, Lemon, Plum, Pear, Apricot, Peach, Avocado, Grape, Acorn

Once Seedpack images are created, they'll be added to the Growth Stage list 

Dev Blog #2

2016-02-19 02:07:14 by applessmillion

Plantoria #2

Since the last post, I've been focusing on the shop UI and drawing plant packets. Notable changes below:


  • Made image containers bigger.
  • Made category buttons bigger.
  • Made the entire shop UI bigger.
  • Quickbuy does not show up when the item is locked or non-existant.
  • Info button is only button when item is locked
  • Pages exist!
  • Maximum pages exist! You can't browse pages of pages of non-existing items!
  • Two new categories - Deals and Special



  • Added 10 new plants
  • Added 3 new "special" items (will go into detail with these at a later post).



  • Re-arranged the UI a bit.


Have a GIF of the shop below!



Plantoria - Dev Blog #1 & Other Stuff

2016-02-16 22:53:22 by applessmillion

Well that was a fast week or two.

Plantoria - Dev Blog 1

Plantoria (somehow got an ia at the end now) is the next game I'm working on. It'll be a little farming game, which I'm sure a lot of people know about. The genere is far from new, and yet I'm hoping to offer my own 'spice' on this type of gameplay. Currently, I have the seed shop, plots, and leveling all set up, and am still very far from calling this project complete, but I'll go into that further below.


What is done?

  • Plots - 31 of em - are coded to respond to the shop, which you use to buy seeds to plant. Simply clicking on an empty plot will open the seeds shop, giving you the variety of seeds you can choose from.
  • Seed level requirements - I somehow managed to finish this before many major parts of the shop itself. I don't know how I got this working so early, but testing shows seeds unlocking and being able to be purchased when I change my level around.
  • Purchasing seeds - self expanitory. Nothing really to boast about, but eh.


What is working but not complete?

  • Seed shop - It isn't completely finished, but finished enough for testing. Categories are not yet coded in, so the only buyable things right now are crop seeds on page 1.
  • The levels - The leveling system is working, and responding quite nicely in my opinion to the various ways to earn XP (which itself is still a work in progress). 
  • Plot plant UI - when you click on a plot with a plant, it shows a nice UI with info and everything. Still got to add buttons and more info, but it's nice and working.


What isn't done?

  • Money - theoretically, it works, but there's nothing to prove it. All seeds are currently free and nothing calls the money variable. So money is far from done, but still visually represented (Oh yeah, these numbers have commas too, yay for asthetically pleasing features!).
  • Seed shop - far from done. Have 12 seeds for sale in it now, and have 10 seed packs not added to the game. I'm hoping to have about 30-50 per category on release.
  • Other cool features I don't want to spoil in fear development won't allow for it (although I never expected to get this far in like 3 days).


This is Farmville

No it is not. It looks like that game, along with many other games in this category, because it's early and I have not added most core features I'm looking at adding. One feature I'll mention now is plant modifiers.

What are plant modifiers?

Plant modifiers are special effects added to plants upon planting. They are random, and can affect the growth time, harvest value, watering frequency, and various other features not yet added (XP bonus, color difference, etc.).


When will this game be available?

I am estimating for a late March to early April release. I also want to release two versions of this game. I'd release both around the same time, and am only doing this because the major change I want to also add would be game-changing in an extreme way that does not allow for this to be in the same game as the other. This change would be an extreme difference from other games in this genere, but at the same time probably won't be accepted by many people, which is why I am choosing to publish two games instead of just the game with the change I am talking about (this change would also remove any casual aspect this'll have, which is also a loss). I don't want to go into detail, so this'll be a surprise.



Have some pictures...




That's it for the dev blog. Below is the "Other Stuff" talking about, well, my other games...

I'll just throw down some questions that probably would be good answered, even though no one is asking them.


Updates to Island Builder?

Game isn't played enough to get full attention, and I want to focus on content people will play, such as how Electric Rubber had my support for 3-4 months after initially publishing (including the time it was a Kongregate exclusive). It will get updates, just leftovers and reusables from other games I'm making, such as Plantoria.


Save publishing to Island Builder?

I sat down one day and really tried to figure out how to upload saved data. I never could get it, and have kind of given up on the idea. Seeing that I'm having some weird luck recently I may try again sometime, but for now it's just not going to happen.


Updates to other games?

Some yes some no. Electric Rubber won't be getting anymore. I made the mistake of not implementing any code for version control, and it's just on so many hosts with so many different versions it's not really worth updating when the majority of plays are on 3rd party websites.

Electric Rubber 2 deserves some, but I flopped bigtime. I kind of lost the mobile certificate file for the app, and cannot publish any new updates. I don't want the app to suffer while the game is miles ahead of it. I may throw a few updates to the flash version every so often, but I want to move away from these clicker games (please don't quote me on that, because I know that sentence will bite me in the butt later this year).

Trivial Trivia games are an iffy. I see them being a good summer project. I want to give those games a facelift with a better base to work off of. Since they're not really that difficult to make or edit, I'm just going to have to remake it from scratch sometime then copy all the questions and stuff over.


Any other games you're working on?

I want to do something for April 1st, but am afraid it may be too close to the release of Plantora. I've got a friend helping me on this one idea, but it's not being worked on right now. Let's just say the idea would be taking a crap on one of my other games.


Bugfixes :(

I really do need to do something with these. I will admit, I don't read through the comments often, or even mails, and don't see a lot of bug reports. I really need to figure out some bug-submitting thingy, and will be looking into it later this year.


Can I mail you?

Yes. I made it friends-only for the past two months since I wasn't frequenting Newgrounds.



Ask below, I'll reply in the comments.

Thanks for the read, and I look forward to more of these dev blogs (I don't know why, but I like taking breaks from programming to write massive text walls)!


Going to try something new soon

2016-02-15 01:25:12 by applessmillion

I'm going to try and do something new (for me, at least) - keeping a dev blog.

That means for this next game, I'll be posting updates 1-2 times a week (hopefully), on updates and misc. stuff relating to the game I'm working on. 

Since the game is just a proof-of-concept (mainly to myself so I know I can actually carry out this) in it's current state, I won't be posting anything now, but in the next week or two, I'll have enough content to post about. It'll take this long as I mainly need images to fill the world with - since I have the concept working far beyond what I had expected (I've noticed ActionScript has managed to surprise me in the past few weeks)

Here's a nice little picture, so you can get the jist of it:


Probably will change the name.. It's a bit dreadful right now (Just last week I was calling it Planting Tycoon, so Plantora is a legitimate step forward)



"Yuge" Update to Island Builder after this game is published. Images created for this game will be easily transferrable to IB since the art style is fairly the same (then again, you can say that for just about all of my games...)