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Update to Jaded Slasher & Trivial Trivia Games

Posted by applessmillion - 1 month ago

UPDATE: I have published a semi-upgrade to the new stage system. The first few rooms in the deep forest, forest, and all of the Gloom Caves (upper) are now using the larger static background. We'll see if this results in any improvements!

Hello all,

I will be delaying the Jaded Slasher expansion a little bit. I've seen over the past week or so a lot of comments about performance issues, so I would like to address these in my final update as well. I think I know where a lot of the issues might come from, which will require a revamp of how rooms are loaded, enemies are spawned, etc. This revamp will take a few weeks minimum... so I'm hoping to release the update mid-May, with fixes, new content, and the performance improved. I've included a technical explanation of what I plan to do below:

I think performance is lacking because each room is not a single static sprite. Each room is composed of 32x32px floor tiles and 64x64px wall tiles. With a stage size of 1280x720, this results in hundreds of individual sprites loading at once. Loading hundreds of these sprites at once could definitely cause some issues. I'm going to look into exporting the room designs as 2 static images - 1 image for the wall and 1 image for the floor. This conversion will also be required for the new expansion rooms as well. This will in turn increase the size of the SWF, but should increase performance tremendously.

Additionally, I would like to optimize the way enemies are spawned. Currently, the enemy objects are re-loaded in every room. This could definitely cause some lag. I would rather have the game keep the same 10 enemy objects, and move their positions around via code as needed. This is the part that will take awhile (70+ rooms is a lot to redo...). I plan to release this update in two waves - wave one will have the room images static-ized, and wave two will have the enemy patch along with the new content. Wave one should be done by the end of this month.

In regards to Trivial Trivia - I have not released a new game in the series, and will plan to do so next Thursday (April 22). My goal is to release two a month, but April will only have the one. May will have two releases as long as Jaded Slasher isn't too much work.

I was investigating using Adobe Animate CC with the CreateJS library to redesign the games with as well. Moving the game to use an HTML Canvas versus straight up html pages and JS would have helped with some compatibility issues across browsers. Unfortunately after spending a few weeks trying to convert a game to use CreateJS, I ran into a lot of issues. I've abandoned the idea for now, but may investigate it further when I have less on my schedule.

Thanks for reading!