2016-11-07 19:28:00 by applessmillion


I'ma be getting back into making some things [hopefully]. Been working on the redesign of Electric Rubber that I had originally planned for last year. Goin good, just need to finish up an upgrade and some imagery.

Just released a new quiz game about the 2016 election. Started work on it around 9pm last night and just finished it (7:11pm). Mainly dedicated time towards this type of "game" because I want to keep doing quiz games, but knew I would need to re-write my Trivial Trivia base, so I did. Since I did spend quite a bit of time on this... I'll point out the differences.

  1. It'll now tell you if you got the question correct or not!
  2. More randomness!
  3. Rebuilt, so no weird bugs (if there are any, they'll be easier to fix)
  4. No timer!

And that's honestly about it.


I'll be bach

Making something

sometime soon

Oh yeah, and publishing the Electric Rubber update






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2016-11-07 19:55:02

see ya