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Trivia Resumes

This last week I have started publishing Trivial Trivia games again. This week's trivia was European Flags which I've had waiting since Jaded Slasher took it's original release date. You can find the game below.

For future trivia games, I'll need to modify the schedule a little bit since I am a week or two behind. I'd also like to change a few things with the overall game that I thought of in the process of making Jaded Slasher. I am also aware of a few PMs regarding bugs/issues with the games, and will be looking into those once I've finished the Jaded Slasher extension (more info below...), so sorry if I have not gotten around to responding to some PMs.

Update on Jaded Slasher Expansion

After getting plenty of feedback on Jaded Slasher, I have taken a few ideas and plan to incorporate them into this little extra bit of content. I'll detail what I would like to add below. Not everything may get added depending on a few factors. All of the below ideas are what I want to add to the expansion, not the base game. I do not plan to touch the base game with major refactors or changes.

  • Piercing Stat - This would be a new enemy stat that determines whether some damage will pierce your defense. This would make potions and higher health a must. Ideally this would be implemented in a way that isn't cumbersome, but we'll see.
  • Boss Basement - If I get the majority of the planned content finished up soon, I want to make a boss-only room. The idea is there's a villager with a weird basement containing the 3 bosses from the game. This will allow anyone to farm bosses and stats and re-live the boss battles!
  • Timed enemy attacks - This one might hit the chopping block for features, but ideally enemies some enemies will start attacking once you enter a room. This would be reserved to special enemy types.
  • Different Unlock Conditions - Currently rooms in the game are unlocked by obtaining 3 randomly-dropped key pieces. I would like to change this up a bit and have different unlock conditions for some of the new rooms.
  • Post-Town Story - This will be the main part of the expansion. Once released, you will be able to enter the town and find a villager reporting that someone has stolen revival stones. This will lead you to a new adventure through the revival zone that will require you to clear it without dying. If you die in the expansion, you will have to start from the beginning of the expansion. This zone will also contain new, powerful enemies that feature some of the above features.

The ETA for this expansion is early to mid April. I'll plan to post a front-page news post about it once released.

Thanks for reading!


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