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Posted by applessmillion - 1 month ago

Trivia Resumes

This last week I have started publishing Trivial Trivia games again. This week's trivia was European Flags which I've had waiting since Jaded Slasher took it's original release date. You can find the game below.

For future trivia games, I'll need to modify the schedule a little bit since I am a week or two behind. I'd also like to change a few things with the overall game that I thought of in the process of making Jaded Slasher. I am also aware of a few PMs regarding bugs/issues with the games, and will be looking into those once I've finished the Jaded Slasher extension (more info below...), so sorry if I have not gotten around to responding to some PMs.

Update on Jaded Slasher Expansion

After getting plenty of feedback on Jaded Slasher, I have taken a few ideas and plan to incorporate them into this little extra bit of content. I'll detail what I would like to add below. Not everything may get added depending on a few factors. All of the below ideas are what I want to add to the expansion, not the base game. I do not plan to touch the base game with major refactors or changes.

  • Piercing Stat - This would be a new enemy stat that determines whether some damage will pierce your defense. This would make potions and higher health a must. Ideally this would be implemented in a way that isn't cumbersome, but we'll see.
  • Boss Basement - If I get the majority of the planned content finished up soon, I want to make a boss-only room. The idea is there's a villager with a weird basement containing the 3 bosses from the game. This will allow anyone to farm bosses and stats and re-live the boss battles!
  • Timed enemy attacks - This one might hit the chopping block for features, but ideally enemies some enemies will start attacking once you enter a room. This would be reserved to special enemy types.
  • Different Unlock Conditions - Currently rooms in the game are unlocked by obtaining 3 randomly-dropped key pieces. I would like to change this up a bit and have different unlock conditions for some of the new rooms.
  • Post-Town Story - This will be the main part of the expansion. Once released, you will be able to enter the town and find a villager reporting that someone has stolen revival stones. This will lead you to a new adventure through the revival zone that will require you to clear it without dying. If you die in the expansion, you will have to start from the beginning of the expansion. This zone will also contain new, powerful enemies that feature some of the above features.

The ETA for this expansion is early to mid April. I'll plan to post a front-page news post about it once released.

Thanks for reading!


Posted by applessmillion - February 28th, 2021

I’ve decided to make a writeup on this game and offer some insight on a few things. I’ve thought what I wanted to address in something like this for a few days now, and feel it is a good time to publish this now.

Jaded Slasher is what I would consider a first step in a larger idea. The game was made in a month and I feel that it shows off a lot of what I would want in a game of this type. I have had a few comparisons to this being a clicking game based on RNG, and to be fair it is a click-heavy game. Compared to my previous click/rubbing games I would say this is a much more involved and fleshed out game. I have no issue with this being considered a clicking game (I even have the “clicker” tag on the game). I want the game to be fun, no matter what genre it is. If the game isn’t your cup of tea, please let me know what I’m missing (unless it’s a complete change of game, of course). Below I have outlined a few things about the game, and why things are the way they are.

Making the Game

I started creating the game in AS3 on January 23. I’ve only ever made games in AS3 and figured starting here would work best. After about a week I started converting everything down to AS2, and wow, AS2 is quite different. For the first two weeks of building the game I focused on building the logic and code. By the third week most of the core gameplay was fleshed out and I had about 12 rooms and 2 tilesets. Much of the development starting with week 3 was creating quests, creating/adding enemies, creating/adding quest collectables (questables as I like to call them), building and designing rooms, etc.

Now that I have some familiarity with AS2 I would be a lot more comfortable building up on the core gameplay and adding more features.

Why the Game Ends in Town

To be completely honest, the game ends where it does because I do not make good looking buildings. Having a outer-town area saves me from having to create a bunch of new assets while allowing me to deliver on the end-game area. Making 5 different tilesets (even the slightly recolored ones) took quite a bit of time and I wanted to focus on the discoverable rooms more than the final finishing point. The goal of the game is to find the witch and after that you’ve pretty much completed the basic story the game has to it.


The available stats in Jaded Slasher offer are very basic, and don’t give much of a strategy looking at how other people play the game. For example, if you invest in defense and attack, you’ll beat the game. Health, luck, and key chance are all secondary stats that don’t really need to be invested in. I would change this strategy with the following stats:

· Piercing – Damage that can go through any amount of defense.

· Speed – Chance to dodge incoming attack.

· Enemy crit chance – chance for enemies to crit you (probably reserved for bosses).

I feel that a combination of piercing and enemy crits can change the strategy of the game and make it much more difficult. If piercing exists, health and potions are needed. If enemy crit chance exists, you probably want to have some health so you don’t get KO’d if your defense isn’t high enough.

Animations & A Living World

Jaded Slasher allowed me to really try and make a world that seems alive and active. All enemies have 4 sets of animations (idle, attack, hit, death). NPCs at campsites all move around and say different things. I’ve tried to distribute NPCs and signs around to offer the idea that this world is alive and you’re not alone.

This game has the most animations I’ve ever included in a game, and well, it seemed to work out well. The main issue is the popping in and out of enemies as they are defeated/respawn. This could be fixed with some new sets of animations.

The Bosses

There are three bosses in the game. You have the necromancer, cyclops, and witch. The Necromancer and Cyclops are both optional bosses, while the witch is the only required boss to defeat the game. The idea with these bosses is they are more difficult than your current area, and you need to return after getting stronger to beat them. This method makes the Cyclops the most difficult boss in the game.

The Witch is intentionally non-difficult as required bosses should be only slightly stronger than the area around them. Requiring the player to grind for the sake of defeating a required overpowered boss is not something I believe in. Now, offering overpowered optional bosses is fair game and gives the players who like grinding/a challenge something to go back for.

Conclusion & Future

For a game in development for a month I feel the game is everything I was intending it to be. While the game has it’s rough spots it is certainly one of the more polished ideas and games I have published to date. As this game was submitted for the Flash Jam I do not want to keep submitting updates/edits to it until after the judging as I feel it would be a little unfair.

I do not intend on updating the game continuously in the future as a new game with new ideas would be more beneficial. There is one fairly large post-game update I am wanting to create and publish near the end of March or early April. This post-game update will be the last update for the game.

I am open to the idea of creating a new entry focused on more strategy and expanding on other ideas in the future. I would prefer to release it for another flash jam as I feel Ruffle is great, but not yet there in terms of compatibility and performance. My other main gripe is not being able to publish this onto other platforms (Ruffle has a desktop app, but not too sure how great that is). AS2 and Flash are great and I do enjoy creating content for it, but support is definitely still in it’s early stages.

If anyone has questions, comments, concerns, ideas, etc. please post below! I’ll try to get back to you as quick as possible.

Posted by applessmillion - February 27th, 2021

That was a little unexpected. But thank you very much @TomFulp for the feature! I'd also like to thank everyone who has played and rated the game for the feedback and reviews. It's the best rated game I've published and I'm happy to see the month of development pay off for it.

Oh yea, thanks to the 100 people who are now following me as well. I'll try to keep posting good stuff in the future.

Thanks again!


Posted by applessmillion - February 25th, 2021


Jaded Slasher Day 1 Updates

I've gone ahead and updated some elements of Jaded Slasher today. Those edits can are noted below.

New Stuff


  • Added 10 new quests. This brings the quest total among all areas to over 60.
  • Added new NPC dialogue and new signs to describe certain gameplay elements.
  • Added town teleporters to campsites. These appear after reaching town. Some other teleporters have also been added at other campsites.


  • Balanced some enemy EXP and Coin rewards.
  • Balanced some quest EXP and Coin rewards.


  • Fixed leveling up only healing to 10HP.
  • Fixed inconsistency with music volume on a plains level.
  • Fixed a incorrectly named enemy in a quest for the Forest.
  • Removed duplicated line of code submitting scoreboard scores twice.

Check out these changes by playing the game!

Posted by applessmillion - February 25th, 2021


Jaded Slasher is now available to play!

Welcome to the world of Jaded Slasher!

After the Wicked Witch chases you through the around the world, you must unlock rooms, level up, and beat those darned enemies that stand in your way! Slash your way through over unique rooms with enemies, fellow adventurers, questers, and more!

Upgrade Your Skills

The more you slash, the more EXP you gain! The player can level up and enhance their skills with skill points. Will you invest in health, defense, attack, or maybe luck? You can spend your hard-earned coin on upgrades through the shopkeepers as well!

Quest with the Quest Masters to Get Ahead!

Visit campsites to speak with quest masters, healers, shopkeepers, and other NPCs. Quest masters offer a selection of randomized quests that allow you to earn bonus EXP and Coin while you slash away!

Beat The Wicked Witch!

The witch waits for you at the end of the road! See if you have what it takes to challenge her and un-block the town!

Discover Hidden Bosses...

Two bosses lurk around the less traveled paths of the world! Be careful, these bosses aren't to be messed with!

Jaded Journey features...

60+ Discoverable Rooms.

65+ Encounterable enemies.

30+ Unique NPCs to talk with.

50+ Randomized quests between all zones.

3 Bosses, two hidden throughout the game.



Posted by applessmillion - February 22nd, 2021

Just a quick posts & update:

Jaded Slasher will be released this Thursday. Due to the Thursday release the trivial trivia scheduled for this week will release on Friday (will also give me time to fix a minor bug).

Update: I will plan to release the trivia game next Tuesday. thanks.

Thanks for reading!

Posted by applessmillion - February 9th, 2021


Jaded Slasher will be released during the week of the 21st! I am looking at either the 24th or the 26th to release the game. All of the core gameplay is finished along with quests, shops, and more. Some music and advanced quests have a day or two of development to go, but besides that the next two or so weeks will be spent polishing, balancing, and touching up on the end of the game. I plan to spend the first of the week of the 21st adding NG API integration for badges and leaderboards. I have a lot of stats to collect & make leaderboards for!

I'm excited to release this game as I feel it's the best non-idle game I've made to date. It's certainly the longest with the most personality compared to my other games. This game also has a definitive end unlike Jaded Journey, where you'll know when you finish the game.

Anyways, expect another post from me on Thursday/Friday as this week I'll be releasing a new Trivial Trivia game. See you then!


Posted by applessmillion - January 30th, 2021

Hi all,

I'll be elaborating on my submission for the flash jam a bit more here. I'm actually very relieved the deadline is the end of next month, as it'll give me plenty of time to polish, add, and balance everything I want. Keep reading if you'd like to learn more about Jaded Slasher (name still WIP).

The Premise

Our main character finds themselves at the dead-end of a forest wondering how she got there. She must fight through the forest to get back to town. Along the way she finds other travelers with quests, story, and uncovers various secrets of the area she's in.

The Gameplay


Jaded Slasher takes quite a bit of inspiration from Bush Whacker and games like it. You travel room to room and need to unlock each new room you visit. Key pieces are unlocked by defeating enemies in the room. The stronger the enemy, the more likely you are to get a key piece! I plan to have at least 30 rooms to visit and unlock, so this will not be a short game. Enemies also get stronger in further rooms, so you'll need to level up and apply those still points to get ahead!

Skills & Stats

Let's not forget about stats. Every enemy (passive or otherwise) drops EXP and a chance of gold. Gold can be used to purchase stuff further into the game. EXP is used to level up.

Each level the player is rewarded with a skill point, which can be used to increase either the attack, defense, health or luck (gold gain/crit chance). Luck will have a maximum skill level, while the other three will not.

Here's a quick rundown of each of the skills:

  • Attack: Deals 1 damage extra per level. Hurts enemies.
  • Defense: Adds 2 additional defense per level. 4 defense negates 1 damage. Defense can be pierced by difficult enemies.
  • Health: Gain 2 health per level. Amount of damage you can take before dying.
  • Luck: Increase gold gain and crit chance by 1 each level. Plan to max this skill at level 10-15.
  • Key Chance: Purchasable upgrade. Will allow for key pieces to be found easier.

These skills are built into the game already, but are not currently used. I just added the leveling feature yesterday and will have these apply in the next few days.


Since the Flash Jam deadline isn't until the end of next month, it gives me plenty of time to flesh out other features. Quests will allow the player to earn additional EXP when a quest-giver requests something.

Quests are planned to be a mix of one-time quests and randomized quests. One-time quests will be more focused on achieving something once (finding lost item, killing boss, etc.) while randomized quests will require the player to kill various enemies X amount of times. Quests are still at the first stage of development, so this may change.


Since the town is quite a far ways away, travelers have set up various campsites along the way. These campsites allow the player to heal, shop, and chat with other NPCs. Some of these NPCs are quest-givers as well.

Progress Thus Far & Plans

I began developing this game on the 22nd of this month and have had the premise for awhile now. I was originally going to develop this in HTML/JS which (in my opinion) was going to take months longer to develop. I originally skipped over the ActionScript 2 part of the flash jam. I was originally developing this game in ActionScript 3 until the 25th, so had to spend an extra day converting everything. ActionScript 2 is great, but different, so I've had to learn a differences along the way.

What has been made so far is the following:

  • 10 Unlockable rooms across two tilesets
  • 2 Campsites
  • 16 Enemy types
  • 2 NPC types

What I want to have by the end of next month:

  • 30 Unlockable rooms across 3 tilesets
  • 5 Campsites
  • 35 Enemy types
  • 10 NPC types
  • Quest system in place

Since most of the core system is in place, I am thinking the planned features should be accomplishable within the timeframe.

Future Updates

I'll plan to be posting another update with this game later next month probably within a week of it being complete. In case anyone would like to get a taste of this game, you can view a basic demo here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/project/1583773

This demo was created ~2 days ago after the implementation of room key pieces. It only contains basics of the game and does not feature leveling, questing, or anything other than enemies and room unlocking.

Feel free to DM or comment below with suggestions, ideas, or anything else!

Posted by applessmillion - January 28th, 2021


View the Trivial Trivia: Yakuza Kiwami 1 & Yakuza Kiwami 2 Below

Trivial Trivia: New release

Today marks the last Thursday of the month! It also marks the release of a new Trivial Trivia game (see above). This game is the first to have two trivias bundled together. After speaking with a member of the community & getting feedback I determined it would be best to bundle similar games together in an effort to keep a good release schedule while contributing the same amount of trivia. This will affect other games down the road, so I have released an updated version of the release roadmap I shared last week. You can find both below:

New Release Schedule | Old Release Schedule

Note: Progress on the European Flags game is incorrect. Since this file was uploaded work has been done on that game.

As you can see no themes have been removed all while keeping to a more sparse release schedule until the end of April. When picking new themes I will plan to include a multi-trivia game every month.

In other news I plan to release a small update tomorrow on the game I am currently working on. I'll go a little more in-depth with gameplay, story, and other features.

Thanks for reading!

Posted by applessmillion - January 23rd, 2021


Jaded Slasher - A new entry into the Jaded Journey realm

Hi all,

I've decided to create a game for the Flash-forward Jam! I've started creating the game a few days ago and progress has been good enough that I feel comfortable sharing some details on my entry.

I will be entering a game called Jaded Slasher (name may change) which is a spin-off of the Jaded Journey game from 2019. It will feature a mix of familiar graphics and new graphics I am currently creating. Characters/enemies will still be mainly sourced from the artist Elthen over on Patreon. I figure keeping some of the characters the same as the 2019 version will both let me focus on other game elements while being able to show some relation to the other game.

Without going into too much detail on the game, I will say it has more gameplay, more upgrades, and more content than Jaded Journey. It is also not the same playstyle, so expect something totally different gameplay-wise. Gameplay is very similar to a popular flash-based game from earlier last decade. That game had quite a few monetization decisions built into the gameplay as well, which I was not a fan of. My goal here is to make a similar game with less grind, less money-focused decisions all while keeping unique in its own right. I'll discuss details on the gameplay and which game I am referencing in a later update.

I originally planned to no-life development on this game till the 31st, but since I see the deadline is now end of February, I feel this will give me time to polish and add more content. I will also plan to release a public beta demo for anyone interested to play. This will help me figure out an appropriate balance before the official release.

Thanks for reading as always!