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applessmillion's News

Posted by applessmillion - January 23rd, 2019

Happy Pixel Day! Over the last twoish weeks I've been working on a game to celebrate today. It's called Jaded Journey and now available to play (as of this post it's passed judgement).

Jaded Journey is a rather quick and simple game composing of one main button. You gotta click-click-click to defeat the encoming enemies as you make your way down the long road ahead. It's composed of original music (you can also find the music used on my profile) with some original and not-so-original art in the game.

It's been rather fun working on this game in such a short time, and am pretty happy with how it's turned out given the timeframe. I'll be looking to updating it here and there, and possibly giving it some replayability down the line. It is also available on Google Play for pretty much any android phone you want to throw at it (tested performance as I developed it as well!).

Anyways, shamelessness aside, I'm really happy to see this new day celebrated. Back in 2015 Pixel day wasn't a thing, and looking into it, it seems to have become a thing shortly after I had become inactive. While I'm not the best at pixel art and pixel things, I certainly love the look of good pixel art and the bitty sound to music made for those games. I have to say one of my favorite things I've stumbled across recently was this audio track by Zophar. While it isn't in the running this year, it certainly is an amazing thing.

Anyways, thanks to Newgrounds for Pixel Day and giving me a reason to get off my lazy bum and make something cool. Good luck to everyone who has made something this year and I can't wait to see everything!


Posted by applessmillion - January 11th, 2019

In the spirit of Pixel Day, I plan on developing a game and plan on having it completely finished by the 22nd. It'll be based on a game I never actually released, while adding polish and animations and such to it. This'll put the Goal update for Current Tycoon on the backburner for the time being (still will work on it, but not as aggressively), while my main focus is developing this new one.

If it gets done by the 22nd, who knows. It'll be pretty fun developing it, so I hope to finish it at some point if I miss the deadline.

Posted by applessmillion - January 6th, 2019

As mentioned yesterday (about 24hrs ago?), I've planned two updates for this month so far. One of those updates I just released minutes ago. The new local development update is here, and fully functional. You can find out more in-game from it's page. To access the new content, visit the Map page and click on the new Local Area button. There are 8 donation goals with unique rewards for reaching each milestone, so get donating!


To give everyone a head start, here's a code that'll give you a bit of cash... bigmoney$$$



Other improvements/bug fixes/misc.. below:

Converted some integers to uints. This will fix some problems with people hitting the int max.
Made some fonts easier to read. Added shading/shadows to some texts.
Further balancing to some aspects of upgrades.
Added animations for moving between some pages
Improved some existing animations

Posted by applessmillion - January 5th, 2019

Thought I'd make a quick post regarding some updates I'm planning to release later this month.

The first feature I am developing relates to end-game/money sink stuff. This feature will become available from the map page, and will allow you to 'invest' money into the local area. You are managing a power factory, and someone has to be buying up your electricity! This page will allow you to spend money to upgrade the area, making your customers happy while unlocking special bonuses for yourself. There will be different goals to meet on this page, with the first goal rewarding a new quick-sell feature. This quick-sell feature will behave a lot like the one in ERub2 did, but will be a sell-all button only. It's pricing and info will be updated every few seconds, so it will constantly stay up to date.


The second feature being developed relates to in-game goals. Medals/achievements are fun and all, but what about recieving in-game rewards for reaching certain milestones? This will look into just that. These goals won't be easy to achieve, but will offer some nice rewards like the feature above. 


Expect the local development feature in the coming weeks, followed by the in-game goals. 


I've also been fixing bugs and adding some requested features over the past few days. Just to recap on some things added in the last 24 hours...

Few bugs fixed relating to the sell-all button with high amounts of power.

Added more aggressive checking for leaderboards and medals.

Added button for new feature relasing later this month.

If you have over 1 Megapower, the bottom two buttons in the convert page will offer new deals.

Rebalanced the capacity upgrades. You will pay a lot less to get higher capacities.


For reading this far, here's a reward! Enter promotion on the mystery page (once unlocked) to get a little bonus.



Posted by applessmillion - December 31st, 2018

Post From Yesterday

The remastered version of Electric Rubber 2, Current Tycoon, has now been published. It will also be made available onto Google Play shortly. This game is a remastered version of the game from 2015. It is much simpler, with less upgrades, friendlier UI (and higher-res), along with a few new features. Why I am doing this, along with future plans, can be found in the post linked at the top.


To add on to the post from yesterday, I will most likely continue with 1-2 remasters before moving onto a completely new project, so look out for those. I have one game almost finished (so much has changed it's not even really a remaster) so that should be out Q1 of next year if everything goes great. 

Posted by applessmillion - December 30th, 2018

It's been quite awhile. Looking back at my previous posts, this will go out 3 years after my previous update post. I'll get down to it.


I'm looking to get back into game development as a hobby. Seeing how times have changed quite a bit, as Flash will soon be unsupported or whatever, it'll be interesting in the new year. I've started my jump back into development by taking a look at old projects, and improving and changing them as I see fit. It's great for me, as I see I've learned a lot from developing stuff back in 2015. I'm hoping looking at how I've done things in the past, and changing and improving them, will allow me to get back in and learn some new languages since Flash is probably not the best platform to develop for. Understanding how it all works will hopefully help me in moving over to a better medium (looking into webGL currently).


Anyways, since I'm improving my old games, I'll be publishing them once again. Since it's been roughly 2-3 years since some have been updated, I plan on releasing them as "new" remastered versions, so I won't mess up the leaderboards or achievements of the older games.

Electric Rubber 2 will be the first game to be remastered. It will be released tomorrow, the 31st, to the portal. It'll go by the name "Current Tycoon" to match the branding and logos associated with the mobile release years ago, as I'm building the update from that version of the game. I've not yet decided if I will remove the original game from the portal, or if I'll leave it up. I'll probably figure that out a little after releasing it tomorrow.


Anyways, a new game will be released tomorrow. I am also looking into remastering the original Electric Rubber, but it is a lot messier than I remember. After remaking a few games and getting the hang of things again, I'll see about publishing a new title or something, as I've thought up a few cool ideas. 


Happy end of 2018!

Posted by applessmillion - December 30th, 2015


December Game Updates | Island Builder 1.1 Update  

*2015 - A Year in Review*


2015 Has been quite a year for me. After spending a lot of time managing Minecraft servers and seeing the destruction of my own, I found interest in making Flash games again. I had originally started way back in 2011 - with the first release of Island Builder on Kongregate. It did fairly well for quite a simple game, and remembering it brought me back to making games.

Now for the this-year part of all of this. I published Electric Rubber on Kongregate earlier this year, shortly after I stopped all of my Minecraft server admin business. After getting very spotty views on Kong, I gave up for about a month. After checking back in, and seeing that it still hadn't recieved many views, ratings, or even feedback, I knew that there had to be somewhere better to publish this stuff. After checking around, I heard of Newgrounds, a name that was familiar to me even back in 2011. After checking around the site, and seeing how everything worked, I felt slightly intimidated with the community Blam system. I'd never had a game judged by an entire community if it was site-worthy before. After thinking about it for a few days, I decided to sign up and submit Electric Rubber with a few improvements based off of feedback. That's when something amazing happened.

Electric Rubber, a simple game of rubbing and upgrading, achieved four stars - beating the reviews it had achieved on Kongregate. After a week on the website, it had also beaten the play count Kongregate had for the game. Reviews and comments were mixed, some offering wonderful feedback I've turned around and thrown into the game, such as music, a mute button (idk why I have such issues with adding those devils), revamps to upgrade costs, and more. I never expected half of the things to have happened, such as adding music and having it added to over 80 different hosting websites. Having free-to-use music for games on Newgrounds is amazing, without having to worry about copyright.

I had my inspiration to make Flash games again with the reception of Electric Rubber, and brainstormed. I knew rubbing worked for me, and I knew that upgrades worked for me too. So I came up with the concept of Idle Game Maker. Originally, it was planned to be more like something you'd experience with Game Dev Tycoon, where you make a game, skill/upgrades factor into how good it is, then you get money based on that. It didn't turn out that way, as you can see, probably because I wanted to do so much that I didn't know how to do, and settled on what it was. Just recently I revisited the game, and saw ways to improve the concept even further, adding around 8 upgrades and more factors to success. The game initially got off to a rocky start, but after a few careful additions to the game, it's been getting better reception.

After experiencing this success on Newgrounds, I saught to try and import a game from Newgrounds. But which one would it be? Island Builder was in a state of crap, No Turning Back just wasn't to my standards to be anywhere, and 30 Second Clicker was just too simple. After thinking a bit, I decided to try and bring 30 Second Clicker over to Newgrounds, beefing it with metals and scoreboards to make it funner and more enjoyable. To my surprise, 30 Second Clicker was accepted and got some good reviews. Since the concept was so simple and easy, I decided not to throw in any flash ads. This apperently was a great idea, as some other websites picked up the game about a week after, getting it thousands of plays in less than a month, just as Electric Rubber had.

After the release of 30 Second Clicker, I noticed a date in the calendar box on the homepage of Newgrounds. It was Robot Day. Having no idea what this was, I checked it out and to my surprise it was a contest for robot-themed material. Now, bare with me, this was three days before Robot Day, and I had no idea what to make for it. I wanted to participate, since it'd be my first event here on Newgrounds, so I threw together a concept I was working on (Rubbing Adventures) and basically butchered it into an upgrade-fighting game that is known as Zomboid Grinder. Zomboid Grinder was made in less than 3 days. That is why it is well, lacking, in many ways. I wanted to update it this winter, but really have no idea how to improve on such a bare-bones concept that it is. Maybe another game with multiple levels would be better, but we'll see.

After Zomboid Grinder released, and somehow didn't get Blam'd, I was out of ideas. I wanted to keep creating new games, and noticed a quiz game hitting the Under Review section. I played it and found out that quiz games were actually a thing here on Newgrounds. They're not a big thing, nor a popular thing, but they're a thing. So I started work on a file that could be used as the basis for a flash-based quiz game. I added lives, 20 questions, and a timer to the game, and whoever got to the end with lives left would win. After reviewing this concept a bit more, I realized a health-based system might not be best for scores and such, since I had it based on how many hearts you had left at the end. I removed the health aspect of the game, and made it percentage based. After releasing Trivial Trivia: Impossible, I realized how crappily put together this thing was. Percentages were messed up, answers were detecting false positives and negatives, and so I went into repair mode. I fixed it up to an extent, and that's how it works today. I'd have released an update for it, but the system it runs on is just too outdated to touch anymore. Current Trivial Trivia games run on better code, which with the newest update remove false negatives completely.

Over the next few months, I keep releasing Trivial Trivia games, trying to push one out weekly. TT:Newgrounds even won 4th daily when it released, only to have the series brought down by TT:Math (everyone hates math games, especially those that don't work). After the rise of Donald Trump, I decided to do a spoof game on him, throwing stupid sayings of his around when a button is hit. As it was so low-quality, I just tagged it as Spam, not really meaning to publish it as a legitimate game, more of a joke.

After publishing Trumped, I already was working on Electric Rubber 2. After reading multple reviews asking for newer features, I felt it was time to make a sequel. Mind you, the few months in-between I had greatly improved my knowledge of Actionscript, and hadn't touched Electric Rubber enough to update it to what I had known. A major request was multiple batteries, and the current system would need a major overhaul with that being in place. So I created Electric Rubber 2 with that feature in mind, then added some elements of a smaller game idea into it - trading for currency. It may not be much different, but the way I built it is much better for change. Electric Rubber 2 got off to a great start, getting 4th place in Daily and Underdog of the Week (yey).

More Trivial Trivia Games, blah blah, I'll save you some reading by skipping to Idle City.

Idle City was the result of people commenting that Electric Rubber and Electric Rubber 2 were not idle games. Yes, they're not, but recieving 0-2 star reviews because they are not "idle" games is extremely bizzare for me since I had never intially said it's idle-based. So I made an idle-based upgrade game. No gameplay, just idling. I was surprised this game didn't get blammed, as I wouldn't even say the game I released was a game. Now that I've updated it, I'd say it's sorta a game.

Between Idle City and Candy Whacker I had teamed up with a few of my friends and created a Google Play Developer account. After tinkering around with 30s Clicker, and figuring out how to do all things Android, we planned to release Candy Whacker for Android and Newgrounds at the same time. I teamed up with my one artistic friend who made most of the assets you see in-game. Although the game didn't do so well, it was our submission for Halloween, both on Newgrounds and the Play store. Releasing this app really opened my eyes for how I fail in testing my own games. I tested it all until the 2nd level, which was a disaterous mistake. This caused major bugs being published, and negative reviews following. I fixed everything I could, and still see the game to be a good concept. 

After taking a break and pushing a few minor updates, along with publishing various Android apps for my games, December came. I really don't know what made me want to make a clicker game, I really don't. I even had my original idea of Idle Game Maker ready to make an outstanding Christmas game, but then the realization hit - it'd be a Christmas game. I didn't want such a hard-worked on game to be played for only two weeks until Christmas, so I went the easy way out and made something simple, which I guess was a clicker game. I'd consider this my first clicker game, because it really is. I've made rubber games before, but not clicker.

Anyways, Jingle Clicker/Tapper. I made this to be as in-your-face and annoying as possible. I didn't want this game to just be another clicker game. I wanted it to be annoying, in a holly jolly way. So no mute button, no easy end, and an annoying bell noise for every click. Yes, I want this game to be annoying. After reading a specific review, I noticed someone pulled up the season-exclusitivity that it'd be since it's Christmas related. This relived me since I didn't actually spend so much time making a Christmas game if it'd only get shat on for being a Christmas game. Now I won't say this person didn't have any good points, he really did, but I just found that bit to be silly. Anyways, I also used this new game to test paid apps on Android and if it'd be downloaded as much as my other ones, which it wasn't. It's paid just to be a test if people would buy, I'm not actually expecting you to buy a clicker game for Android (unless you really want those achievements).

After reading this one reviewers comment that I mentioned above, it's what inspired me to make auch a large Christmas update. I also decided to take this time to publish major updates to make Island Builder suitable for Newgrounds. I also found that Idle Game Maker could majorly be improved. Smaller improvements took place on other games too. And now that brings me to this point, me writing this. 

It's been a great half year on Newgrounds, it really has. And I'll leave you all with some statistics on the games to end this. Thank you all for such a great year and all the support & feedback!

Game Statistics for Dec. 30, 2015

30 Second Clicker: 10 Hosts, 17,325 Views

Candy Whacker: 12 Hosts, 1,879 Views

Electric Rubber: 56 Hosts, 84,447 Views

Electric Rubber 2: 66 Hosts, 97,035 Views

Idle City: 69 Hosts, 29,718 Views

Idle Game Maker: 28 Hosts, 31,295 Views

Island Builder: 2 Hosts, 328 Views

Jingle Clicker: 76 Hosts, 26,070 Views

Trivial Trivial Games: 11,908 Views

Trumped: 6 Hosts, 708 Views

Zomboid Grinder: 7 Hosts, 1,984 Views

Total Views: 314,605


Again, thank you for everything Newgrounds!

Posted by applessmillion - December 30th, 2015

Well, looks like I'll be posting another post for this year (said this'd be the final one, but oh well).


New Year's, New Update for Island Builder

Since I plan on having this New Year's post be something quite long, let's get this Island Builder update log out of the way!


Island Builder 1.1

  • Added 8 new transition blocks!
  • Made Grids a bit different!
  • 2 New Islands showing off some of the new blocks!
  • Some minor but needed optimizations for Android.

Looking into adding different tabs to Blocks, for better organization and more room, so keep your eyes peeled.

More updates will follow into 2016. 

Posted by applessmillion - December 25th, 2015


Merry Christmas or Christmas Eve depending where you're at! Today I've decided to release a bunch of updates, releases, and stuff for today. I'd have to say Idle Game Maker recieved the best facelift from all of this, but I'll get into that below. Check out the changelog for all updated games below!


CLEARED ALL SAVEDATA. I made the decison to clear all savedata as the game was already heavily exploited. This is not the sole reason I chose to do this. Major aspects of this game has changes in this update, and it would be difficult to keep all old data. If you finished the game previously, it'd also be extremely simple to gain the newer achievements, while avoiding the newer features and gameplay the new additions have added. Sorry if this angers anyone, but it's for the best.
Idle game maker is also now an Android App! Download today!


  • New language! Actionscript 2.0!
  • New Language! Lua!
  • New Language! Python!
  • New Language! C++!
  • New Language! Swift (Mac)!
  • New Language! Visual Basic (Windows)!
  • New Variable! Audience - grow your audience and profits will flow!
  • New Variable! Appeal - up your appeal and your audience will follow!
  • Added Newgrounds URL button to Desktop
  • Added Games URL button to Desktop
  • Added Android App URL button to Desktop
  • Added programming language next to platforms (applies to Android, Mac, iOS, Windows).
  • 2 New Scoreboards!
  • 6 New Metals!


  • Changed Newgrounds short description
  • Changed starting money from $45 to $50
  • Minimum time till profit is 5 seconds
  • Changed base profit from $5 to $10
  • Changed font of most of the game's text
  • Made "Requires" in shop more red
  • Modified some buttons to have a mouse-over description
  • Removed shop/stats button from respective pages
  • Re-organized shop page. Much cleaner.
  • Temp. Removed deleting data.
  • Removed useless desktop items.
  • Re-positioned desktop items
  • Changed Log to link to my Newgrounds news feed
  • Balanced costs. Wow, these were chaotic.
  • Changed icon of ActionScript 3.0 Metal
  • Made code easier for me.


  • Fixed blurry images
  • Fixed exploits. Yes. That one.
  • Fixed visual glitch with bugs appearing out-of-screen

This game also has an Android Application!

New game! Island Builder! Build your own island with blocks and decorations! This game has been released on Kongregate for over 4 years, and has been the most updated game I've made (Just been lacking as of recent). This is probably the biggest update, as it finally adds a lot of new features. Although this game is just being released on Newgrounds, here's what's new from the Kongregate version.


  • Android App! Check it out with the link at the end of this section!
  • New grid layout! Select a block then click on the grid to place it! 33x15 blocks, so 495 grids in total!
  • 4 new visitable islands!
  • New "Selected" button on header. Shows what you currently have selected!
  • 15 New blocks! (This took way more time than you'd think)
  • 3 New Decorations!
  • New music!


  • Forced grid layout. Blocks are no longer drag-and-drop.
  • Slightly modified header
  • Changed some fonts around
  • Bigger sized stage


  • Fixed blocks overlapping with GUI (still an issue with Decorations)

This game also has an Android Application!

P.S. This game is simply a sandbox tool, I'll hopefully be adding onto this periodically, as it's very simple to do. I want to add a savegame feature to this, but ran into issues a few days ago. But expect more in the coming days for content, and possibly sharing your creations!

Rolling out the Museum finally! This update also slightly changes how data is loaded from local saves. Tested and seems to work fine, but comment if something is weird.


  • Museum! Added artifacts to buy and unlock!
  • 6 New Achievements!


  • Added trophy for Best City achievement. Wait ~10 seconds if already named this after launching your city.


  • Modified loading of blocks to hopefully have less visual glitching

This game also has an Android Application!


This game is simple, 2nd game I've published on Newgrounds too, so why not update it? Quite a few simple changes, but it'll hopefully add to it's playability


  • Added Android app link
  • Added new scoreboard - Plays


  • Removed Newgrounds Scoreboard at end
  • Moved results page around a bit
  • Made sound (ever so slightly) quieter


This game also has an Android Application!


Ellie Goulding


  • Updated to most current code the Trivia games run on. More accurate and readable.
  • New Scoreboard - Plays!


  • Improved front-page intro text
  • Made front-page text more readable
  • Repositioned front-page objects
  • Made results page more friendly and spaced
  • Removed link to my website


  • Fixed correct & incorrect triggers
  • Fixed null-reference
  • Removed duplicate volume definition (made sound vary on loudness on loadup)


Electric Rubber


  • Updated to most current code the Trivia games run on. More accurate and readable.
  • New Scoreboard - Plays!


  • Improved front-page intro text
  • Changed text to a more appropriate font
  • Made front-page text more readable
  • Repositioned front-page objects
  • Made results page more friendly and spaced
  • Made flash ad the same style as other games' ads
  • Removed link to my website
  • Increased timer amount by a few seconds


  • Fixed correct & incorrect triggers
  • Fixed null-reference
  • Added title to score description text


Posted by applessmillion - December 24th, 2015

Idle City has been unpublished. It will be back later tonight along with the return of Idle Game Maker.