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applessmillion's News

Posted by applessmillion - January 19th, 2021


Hello all!

I've made a few adjustments to the backend of the TT games. I plan to roll these changes out in the next day or so. Most changes will only affect the QoL of the games, so it's nothing too major.

A quick rundown of these changes include...

  • Better button positioning (more consistent when longer questions are displayed)
  • Better handle loading larger font files
  • Include backup font in case loading goes wrong
  • Clicked buttons will now be color-coded to whether you answer correctly or incorrectly.
  • Support for pictures in questions

To celebrate the new ability for picture quizzes, I will be releasing one tomorrow for Inauguration Day! It's an American-themed quiz featuring up to 36 quizzes. I'll post more about it at the end-of-week review.

Thanks for the read!


Posted by applessmillion - January 14th, 2021



Today marks the day of two new Trivial Trivia games! I decided to sneak a bonus Among Us trivia in with today's scheduled theme, Blade Runner 2049.

Blade Runner 2049

A sequel to the original Blade Runner movie, Blade Runner 2049 takes place in the year 2049. The trivia for this movie can be found below:

This game offers the normal mode of 21 questions, 12 seconds to answer.

Bonus: Among Us

I decided that I wanted to release an extra trivia as the next two weeks will follow a single game series. Since I had not prepared a new theme until literally yesterday, it resulted in the double-feature today.

The Among Us trivia features a pretty basic quiz, 21 questions with slightly more than 12 seconds per question. Per a few suggestions I've gone ahead and dazzled it up a bit with a small animation at the bottom of the game. Check it out if you haven't already!

Week in Review

This week also brought a few smaller changes to the other trivia games. Browser compatibility was improved & the games should work slightly better on Firefox and other modern browsers. Users using Internet Explorer will be told their browser does not work instead of the game just being broken.

Cyberpunk 2077 was also updated this week with an Extended mode. This mode features 36 questions and a new scoreboard and medal to earn. You can check out the game below:

Future Weeks in January

Next week will feature another video game trivia focusing on the prequel in this series of games. That will be set to release on the 21st.

For the week afterwards you can expect two trivia games. One will release on the 26th, with the final one releasing on the 28th. Both of these games will follow the same video game series as the trivia releasing on the 21st.

Thanks for reading!



Posted by applessmillion - January 11th, 2021


I've released an update to all published Trivial Trivia games tonight. This update should fix any compatibility issues & also introduces a new "music" button. This button will send you to the page of the music used in the game.

Regarding an issue with the quiz, I originally had a JS library to link JS files together. For some reason this failed every so often, so I've gone ahead and removed it.

Cyberpunk 2077 Trivia Updated

Additionally, Cyberpunk 2077 has been updated with an extended mode! Answer 15 more questions and try your luck at a new badge!

Future January Themes

January 14: Sequel to existing trivia theme

January 21: Video game theme. Prequel to the main story of this video game series.

January 26: Same video game series as the 21st.

January 28: Same video game series as the 21st & 26th.

This week's theme will be a sequel to another theme released last month. I've had this one in the works for about a 2-3 weeks now, and it fit pretty well with this week.

Next week will feature another video game theme of a series that is actually getting a new PC release later this month. To celebrate, I will be releasing one new trivia next week, with another Tuesday/Thursday release the week after.

That's all for now. I'll be posting again on Thursday to announce the game of this week!

Posted by applessmillion - January 7th, 2021

Hello all!

This week I have two trivia games focused on the Dark Souls franchise. The game released on Tuesday covers Dark Souls I, with the game releasing today covering Dark Souls II.

Dark Souls II had quite a bit of content, so I was able to create an "extended" version of the trivia this round. You can choose to either take the normal 21 question trivia, or an extended 36 question trivia in this game. There's a leaderboard and medal for each mode!

Check them out below!

Dark Souls I:

Dark Souls II:

Have an idea for a trivia topic? PM me!


Posted by applessmillion - January 1st, 2021


Tonight I'm releasing a feature update to the quiz series Trivial Trivia. I felt the need to post about this via blog as it is the first step into improving these games on a base level. I have a few more QOL changes I would like to make, along with a few features planned. Since this is more of a visible update than the last few, I'll go ahead and leave info about it here. At this time all released (minus Cyberpunk 2077) games in the series have received the update. Here's what is new with each game:

Core Version Update #6

Tonight marks the 6th major update of the core code that these quizzes are built on. Here's what is new with version 6:

Added further Newgrounds integration.

Two new ''popouts' now appear on the start and end screens.

One popout displays user information (if logged in, ask you to log in if you're not).

The other popout displays upon submitting your score. This will also alert you if you qualify for any medal(s).

Added basic anti-cheat.

Various functions now check for the validity of scores submitted.

Certain scores cannot be submitted. If impossible scores are sent, they will be rejected.

The Play Again button will now bring you to the start page, not the quiz page.

This is for a certain feature I plan to add in a future release.

Blade Runner Trivia

Updated core version from 3 to 6 (all changes above added to this game + more behind-the-scenes stuff).

This resulted in many different visuals vs how it appeared previously (as pictured at the top of this post).

Changed music from to another track in the same ballpark.

Changed theme colors to improve readability.

Regarding next week's game, it will be a 2-parter. It is based on a request I received via PM and would like to fulfill it completely. You can expect two games next week, one on Tuesday, another on Thursday. The Tuesday release will spoil the Thursday release, which is fine. I'll hopefully have a new feature ready by Thursday's release that I will be able to share more info on closer to that date.

Thanks for reading!



Posted by applessmillion - December 30th, 2020

Here I plan to answer a few questions the random profile visitor may ask regarding Trivial Trivia and why I'm reviving the series.


Originally the 2015 games were built in Flash (RIP) and were based on a codebase that was a little rocky. The games then allowed me to learn ActionScript a little more which resulted in knowledge I used in future games.

The 2020+ games are now built in HTML5/CSS/JS and pretty much run just like an interactive website would. The neat thing with the new system is I've set it up so there's a core "engine" and "themes" that make each iteration look different. This also means I can easily apply any core updates to previous TT games without much difficulty.


Originally in 2015 I wanted to make a game that was fairly easy for me to create while satisfying an underrepresented category. Trivial Trivia allowed me to do both. I was able to focus on other projects while adding to the puzzle/quiz category here on Newgrounds.

Back then, there were maybe a handful of quizzes that were decent. Looking at 2020 it's even worse. There are a total of 25 quiz games published this year, with 6-7 having a 3+ rating. I feel that with my previous experience in making these types of games, along with the framework I've built, I can contribute to this small section of Newgrounds with some good content.


For a lack of better words, I am making these games because they are fairly easy to create, help me learn more about advanced css/js, and I am adding a fairly decent game for trivia lovers. Judging from the stats of these games vs. others, there aren't many trivia lovers on Newgrounds, but that's fine. While making these games, I've really started playing with CSS transitions which I've been able to apply to another pet project of mine.

Why not other games? Well, I could make other games, but because I'm currently not inspired to do so, it wouldn't turn out that good. Other genres of games also take a lot of time, collaboration, and dedication which I am not currently able to apply to game making. Having a full-time job and home life does not leave open much time for game making (notice how I've churned out this series over the traditional Christmas break).

I'd love to make a sequel to Jaded Journey, but looking at how images have to be animated, it will take significantly longer than it did with Flash.

I'd love to make an update for Electrical Rubaroo, but now see that it'd probably require a re-write since I used workarounds since I wasn't too familiar with JavaScript at the time.

I am currently creating a project which is unrelated to gaming. I'm currently inspired with this idea of a project and unfortunately it's not something that I would classify as a traditional game. If my inspiration moves more towards gaming, I will definitely release something that is more of a game.


I used to take a previous flash project and manually replace all references to images, text, and questions. I also snuck any fixes or features I could in-between releases while doing this. Ultimately with how difficult I had made it to add questions, I quit the trivia game-making business.

Now, I have an "engine" built which can be easily customized through each trivia's "theme". Any core updates I create can be applied to previous and new games with ease. If you visited the Cyberpunk 2077 quiz the night I released it, you'll probably notice it looks and behaves a lot differently now. I've been able to apply 3 major updates (one resulting in the addition of a medal) without much hassle due to the new structure.


I was thinking when I saw Cyberpunk's trivia sitting in judgement (still there as of now) that it would get blammed. If it did, I'd totally have agreed and probably not pursued in making more in the series. I understand that these "quizzes" aren't really games in the traditional sense, but hey, it's a populated category on Newgrounds and there's plenty of other categories that aren't "games" either. The Blade Runner trivia got through judgement in ~1 day and is sitting slightly above 3 stars, so I'd say there's a market for these games (although small).


If you have any music or topic ideas, please send me a PM with the info. I do like getting a feel for topics that would be played. I get that video games and movies may not be good topics for some people, so if you have any unique ideas, I'll certainly consider them.

Same with music. If you have a music track that you'd like me to feature as background music, send me a link to it and I'll see if I can fit it into any future quizzes. I get that these games don't get too much exposure, but I do a 50/50 revenue split for the music if that matters (not even sure if NG has anything to share revenue from anymore).


Feel free to post a comment below!

Posted by applessmillion - December 30th, 2020

I'm going to try to stick to a schedule instead of releasing TT games willy nilly in the future. This new schedule starts today, which I will be calling Trivia Thursdays! It's really Wednesday, but a day early for the first in this series isn't going to hurt anyone. A new trivia topic will release every Thursday until either I run out of ideas or until the games stop getting approved. Anyways, for this week, we're looking at the Metal genre of music!



Originally suggested to me via PM five years ago, I've finally made a trivia for this topic! Upon researching Metal music, I've found out there's a lot to quiz about. I could've honestly written a 100-question trivia, but trivia can only be so fun with so many questions. If it's popular enough I may revisit the topic with a higher focus on post-2000's music & bands.


Next week you can expect a revisit to video games! Next week's topic was originally suggested to me via PM back in 2015. The suggestion included two parts to it, so you may be getting two trivias depending on how things go. I know for some series of video games, bundling 2 games from the same series would be a big no-no, so we'll see.


Thanks to Muxxer for the suggestion on this topic. I know it's been 5 years, but I hope the quiz is what you expected.

Thanks to Burn7 for the music. They posted a track that allows use in web-based games. It's a pretty slick track if you ask me!


I will also follow up this blog post with another one focusing on an explanation of why I'm reviving the Trivial Trivia series and why I plan to spit a game out every week. If you have any questions about that, take a look at the other post coming soon. If you have any questions/comments on this week's addition to the series, feel free to post here!


Posted by applessmillion - December 29th, 2020


I've just updated Electrical Rubaroo with 20 medals. My difficulties with adding medals to the game months ago was due to one really annoying line of code I had added while testing. All should be fixed now. Without going too much further into the issue, I can say there was just a dumb variable that made things not want to unlock properly.

The 20 medals all revolve around the main upgrades. If you have any saved data from playing the game previously, all you'll need to do is hit the "Post Scores" button to unlock any medals you're eligible for.

I plan to add medals to any future HTML5/NG API 3.0 games I create. In fact, you can also expect two medals for the trivial trivia games I have already released.

Happy unlocking!


Posted by applessmillion - December 25th, 2020

Hello everyone!

I've just released a new game (Trivia Trivia game, so not a gameplay-rich game) and 8 musical tracks just now! Everything is related to a Cyberpunk/techno theme to go along with the release of Cyberpunk 2077. While it's a buggy mess, it has a great world and inspired me to go along and make something.

If you're into quizzes or electronic music, check out the stuff below!


Trivial Trivia! Cyberpunk 2077


Cyber Junk album. 7 Cyber-theme songs, 1 Christmas song

Krinkle (The Christmas tune)





Rise (2nd fav)

Fall (fav)

ReBoost (kinda like Boost, 3rd fav)

Thank you for reading!

Merry Christmas & Happy holidays!




Posted by applessmillion - October 1st, 2020

I've gone ahead and released a new update for Electric Rubaroo. Below are the details:


  • Two new themes added. You can find these at the bottom of the page on the Shop Theme page.
  • Added the prestige NG leaderboard. (this was done early in the morning, but I feel I should mention it)


  • Cleaned up some code and files bundled in the game. This should make loading it the first time milliseconds faster.
  • *slightly* adjusted how prestige affects the game.


  • Removed medals from the game. These will be re-added at a later date if I can figure out the API issues I was having.
  • Fixed music issue while using Firefox. It seems Firefox does not like mp3 files, so I've exported the main theme to ogg as well as mp3.
  • Fixed capacity one-time-upgrades using bad numbers. The numbers in the description reflect reality now.
  • Changed a few other misc things

If you have any issues/bugs you encounter, please DM me with details. I'll try to get them fixed in a timely manner.

Have an idea or theme you'd like to see? Let me know and I'll see what I can do too!