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applessmillion's News

Posted by applessmillion - October 1st, 2020


A familiar rubbing game for the modern web.

Rub on the Go! Android app available.

Electric Rubaroo is under judgement! Click here to play! This game is a remastered version of the 2015 game Electric Rubber. With the original game being made with Adobe Flash player, it has become difficult to play in the modern web. This version aims to offer all the original features and a few new features, with a fresh new look and feel!

NOTE: The game appears to be having some difficulty with the API & Metals. Scoreboards work fine, but it seems there's some disconnect between what the server says and what the server is doing (returns a success code, but doesn't actually unlock anything). I will take a look at this further in the morning as it's very early for me.

Themes For You!

Unlock different themes to make your game pop! Choose from over 8 different themes to decorate every part of the game!

Prestige System

Gain prestige points by restarting your game from the beginning. These points offer a permanent bonus to upgrades, passives, and other aspects of the game!

Rub (and click) Your Way

Rub the rubbing pad on the main page to gain energy! You'll only be able to gain as much energy as the capacity allows for, so get upgrading too! A new feature in this version is the ability to click without a cooldown! Now you can rub and click your way to a full battery.

No Nonsense Shop

The shop has received a more straightforward appearance too! Focus on the upgrades that matter, with the one-time features and themes sorted to their own pages. No need to page through upgrades you don't need!

Posted by applessmillion - September 9th, 2020


Electric Rubber JS, a HTML5/JS version of the old flash game, is coming soon. You can play 100% of the game in any modern-day browser (sorry IE). It is publicly viewable on https://jadefury.dev/clicker/ to view and test.

Here's a quick rundown of features already added:

  • 4 Main Upgrades (one more planned)
  • 6 Unlockable/purchasable themes from the Upgrades Shop
  • A working idle gain (original game had idle watts just barely working)
  • 20+ Newgrounds metals to unlock
  • 5 Newgrounds Scoreboards

Here's a few features I'm looking to add very soon..

  • 1 more main upgrade
  • one-time upgrades to the shop
  • Metals for total number of upgrades bought
  • Scoreboards viewable in-game (depends on if I can figure the API out to that point)
  • Prestige system

I know a prestige system was heavily requested in previous versions, but I'm finding it to be easier to save/load data in JavaScript compared to Flash. I think it will be much easier to implement one of these systems now without writing too much garbage code.

The game can also be hosted anywhere and still communicate with Newgrounds API & submit scores. ver 3 of the API is actually pretty darn cool. Just so everything works off-site if the game is hosted like that, there will be a Newgrounds 'thing' on the main page encouraging playing the game here. It's the least I can do for Newgrounds.

If anyone reading this has any further suggestions, feedback, or anything else, feel free to DM me or reply to this post. It's been a few years since I've visited this type of game and don't want to leave out any super-important features I may not know about...


Posted by applessmillion - September 8th, 2020


  • Electrical Rubaroo, the game that was never finished, is uploaded to the Dumping Grounds
  • The main content of the game (upgrades, shop, rubbing) all works, but the 'new' city features do not.
  • I'm looking to remake Electric Rubber 1 in HTML/JS. It's an easy type of game to remake which is why I've chosen it.

Electrical Rubaroo, the was-going-to-be 3rd game in the series, is now available on the Dumping Grounds in a ~60% finished state. You can view it here:


This game was supposed to be a major improvement on Current Tycoon. It would have everything from ER1 and ER2, but with a new "city" feature that allowed you to do tasks/quests for the city to expand. Basically, it's the donation feature but with actual progression. The city would unlock new shops and new buildings.

Planned buildings included a hat shop (replacing the top hat upgrade w/ more hats from here), a City Hall (to purchase new power plants & a windmill), and finally an advanced building that would unlock prestige resetting. Doing tasks/quests would also change the city's happiness, which offered bonus $ when it was closer to 100%.

The whole game was built off of Electric Rubber, with most assets from Electric Rubber 2/Current Tycoon. This was due to Electric Rubber's code being simpler and allowing for additional features to be added without much issue. It also allowed me to simplify the code and make it run more efficiently (before bulking it up with all the changes).

The plan was to release late 2018/early 2019, and have a simultaneous Steam/Android release as well. If anyone is curious to how it ran through Steam, DM me and I'll give you a beta/tester key (I have a few extra). The plan was to release a demo here, give out ~100 keys as a promotion, and market the game for $0.99.

As you can tell, the plan didn't exactly go as expected, and the game never released. I stopped development on this game for a variety of reasons, mainly my slowing interest in Adobe Flash. Having Google require 64-bit apks (when there's no first-party Flash that exports 64-bit apks) & Adobe Flash dying at the end of this year didn't help either.

On another note, I'm looking to develop & release another version of ER1 running on HTML5 and JS. If you want a peek at the progress, head over to https://jadefury.dev/clicker/ and check it out. I just started literally yesterday and managed to get quite a bit built up. It's also going to be themed a bit differently, with a neon blue type of theme going on. It's not the prettiest theme in all honesty, but it's a theme.

I know making the same thing over and over isn't progress, innovative, or really all that enjoyable, but ER1 was my first 'real' game and it's fairly easy to rebuilt from the ground up in any programming language. After I get the basics of JavaScript (also just started learning it yesterday) down, I'm wanting to remake Jaded Journey with a real end-game to it. Maybe if JS turns out to be a viable alternative, I'll eventually remake Electrical Rubaroo with the above features in HTML5/JS too. Depending on how development goes for the current project & next projects, we'll see.

Thanks for reading my ramble!



Posted by applessmillion - September 7th, 2020

Looking through an old backup from a previous device, I found a few old and unused tracks from games I was developing. I've gone ahead and uploaded them for anyone who may be curious.


Posted by applessmillion - January 23rd, 2019

Happy Pixel Day! Over the last twoish weeks I've been working on a game to celebrate today. It's called Jaded Journey and now available to play (as of this post it's passed judgement).

Jaded Journey is a rather quick and simple game composing of one main button. You gotta click-click-click to defeat the encoming enemies as you make your way down the long road ahead. It's composed of original music (you can also find the music used on my profile) with some original and not-so-original art in the game.

It's been rather fun working on this game in such a short time, and am pretty happy with how it's turned out given the timeframe. I'll be looking to updating it here and there, and possibly giving it some replayability down the line. It is also available on Google Play for pretty much any android phone you want to throw at it (tested performance as I developed it as well!).

Anyways, shamelessness aside, I'm really happy to see this new day celebrated. Back in 2015 Pixel day wasn't a thing, and looking into it, it seems to have become a thing shortly after I had become inactive. While I'm not the best at pixel art and pixel things, I certainly love the look of good pixel art and the bitty sound to music made for those games. I have to say one of my favorite things I've stumbled across recently was this audio track by Zophar. While it isn't in the running this year, it certainly is an amazing thing.

Anyways, thanks to Newgrounds for Pixel Day and giving me a reason to get off my lazy bum and make something cool. Good luck to everyone who has made something this year and I can't wait to see everything!


Posted by applessmillion - January 11th, 2019

In the spirit of Pixel Day, I plan on developing a game and plan on having it completely finished by the 22nd. It'll be based on a game I never actually released, while adding polish and animations and such to it. This'll put the Goal update for Current Tycoon on the backburner for the time being (still will work on it, but not as aggressively), while my main focus is developing this new one.

If it gets done by the 22nd, who knows. It'll be pretty fun developing it, so I hope to finish it at some point if I miss the deadline.

Posted by applessmillion - January 6th, 2019

As mentioned yesterday (about 24hrs ago?), I've planned two updates for this month so far. One of those updates I just released minutes ago. The new local development update is here, and fully functional. You can find out more in-game from it's page. To access the new content, visit the Map page and click on the new Local Area button. There are 8 donation goals with unique rewards for reaching each milestone, so get donating!


To give everyone a head start, here's a code that'll give you a bit of cash... bigmoney$$$



Other improvements/bug fixes/misc.. below:

Converted some integers to uints. This will fix some problems with people hitting the int max.
Made some fonts easier to read. Added shading/shadows to some texts.
Further balancing to some aspects of upgrades.
Added animations for moving between some pages
Improved some existing animations

Posted by applessmillion - January 5th, 2019

Thought I'd make a quick post regarding some updates I'm planning to release later this month.

The first feature I am developing relates to end-game/money sink stuff. This feature will become available from the map page, and will allow you to 'invest' money into the local area. You are managing a power factory, and someone has to be buying up your electricity! This page will allow you to spend money to upgrade the area, making your customers happy while unlocking special bonuses for yourself. There will be different goals to meet on this page, with the first goal rewarding a new quick-sell feature. This quick-sell feature will behave a lot like the one in ERub2 did, but will be a sell-all button only. It's pricing and info will be updated every few seconds, so it will constantly stay up to date.


The second feature being developed relates to in-game goals. Medals/achievements are fun and all, but what about recieving in-game rewards for reaching certain milestones? This will look into just that. These goals won't be easy to achieve, but will offer some nice rewards like the feature above. 


Expect the local development feature in the coming weeks, followed by the in-game goals. 


I've also been fixing bugs and adding some requested features over the past few days. Just to recap on some things added in the last 24 hours...

Few bugs fixed relating to the sell-all button with high amounts of power.

Added more aggressive checking for leaderboards and medals.

Added button for new feature relasing later this month.

If you have over 1 Megapower, the bottom two buttons in the convert page will offer new deals.

Rebalanced the capacity upgrades. You will pay a lot less to get higher capacities.


For reading this far, here's a reward! Enter promotion on the mystery page (once unlocked) to get a little bonus.



Posted by applessmillion - December 31st, 2018

Post From Yesterday

The remastered version of Electric Rubber 2, Current Tycoon, has now been published. It will also be made available onto Google Play shortly. This game is a remastered version of the game from 2015. It is much simpler, with less upgrades, friendlier UI (and higher-res), along with a few new features. Why I am doing this, along with future plans, can be found in the post linked at the top.


To add on to the post from yesterday, I will most likely continue with 1-2 remasters before moving onto a completely new project, so look out for those. I have one game almost finished (so much has changed it's not even really a remaster) so that should be out Q1 of next year if everything goes great. 

Posted by applessmillion - December 30th, 2018

It's been quite awhile. Looking back at my previous posts, this will go out 3 years after my previous update post. I'll get down to it.


I'm looking to get back into game development as a hobby. Seeing how times have changed quite a bit, as Flash will soon be unsupported or whatever, it'll be interesting in the new year. I've started my jump back into development by taking a look at old projects, and improving and changing them as I see fit. It's great for me, as I see I've learned a lot from developing stuff back in 2015. I'm hoping looking at how I've done things in the past, and changing and improving them, will allow me to get back in and learn some new languages since Flash is probably not the best platform to develop for. Understanding how it all works will hopefully help me in moving over to a better medium (looking into webGL currently).


Anyways, since I'm improving my old games, I'll be publishing them once again. Since it's been roughly 2-3 years since some have been updated, I plan on releasing them as "new" remastered versions, so I won't mess up the leaderboards or achievements of the older games.

Electric Rubber 2 will be the first game to be remastered. It will be released tomorrow, the 31st, to the portal. It'll go by the name "Current Tycoon" to match the branding and logos associated with the mobile release years ago, as I'm building the update from that version of the game. I've not yet decided if I will remove the original game from the portal, or if I'll leave it up. I'll probably figure that out a little after releasing it tomorrow.


Anyways, a new game will be released tomorrow. I am also looking into remastering the original Electric Rubber, but it is a lot messier than I remember. After remaking a few games and getting the hang of things again, I'll see about publishing a new title or something, as I've thought up a few cool ideas. 


Happy end of 2018!