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Trivial Trivia Updates

Posted by applessmillion - January 19th, 2021


Hello all!

I've made a few adjustments to the backend of the TT games. I plan to roll these changes out in the next day or so. Most changes will only affect the QoL of the games, so it's nothing too major.

A quick rundown of these changes include...

  • Better button positioning (more consistent when longer questions are displayed)
  • Better handle loading larger font files
  • Include backup font in case loading goes wrong
  • Clicked buttons will now be color-coded to whether you answer correctly or incorrectly.
  • Support for pictures in questions

To celebrate the new ability for picture quizzes, I will be releasing one tomorrow for Inauguration Day! It's an American-themed quiz featuring up to 36 quizzes. I'll post more about it at the end-of-week review.

Thanks for the read!


Comments (3)

Hey, thanks for the swift update/fix on the recent one! Gotta say the prospect of a European one sounds awesome too, won't learn all as much but all the more appreciative to probably really ace one of these right away. :P

Sounds like way more back-end work with these games than you'd expect... nice additions.

There's quite a bit of work going into it just to make sure all previous games/themes can be updated without an issue. I've also found out that between the different major browsers some oddities appear as well. While Adobe Flash had its major problems, it sure offered better compatibility across devices/browsers, but oh well.
I'll see what I can do to spike the difficulty of a European quiz. I'll probably do the two modes and see if I can find some obscure flags for the extended mode. We'll see!

Looking forward to it! I do miss the absolute compatibility with everything back when all we had was Flash. You used to dabble with that too then? Do you still have it? Thoughts on maybe participating in the Flash Forward jam this month/February...?

I may be living in the old world but kinda hoping that Flash becomes a new wave in time. :) When Ruffle works well enough it seems like it'd be a good alternative again.

Ya know, I wasn't going to make anything for the jam, but I think I'll put something together. I've had an idea that I have some art assets for and I could totally make it much faster in flash.
I'm also excited about Ruffle! I never would've thought something could come along and support it in a secure environment on the web. Flash was never great with security, so I'm glad to hear this is much better.

Nice. :) Glad I could motivate ya! I'll be looking forward to that too then!

Yeah if too many code-related roadblocks don't come in their way now it seems like it might be all Flash was and so much more. Hopefully they manage to tweak it in regards to resource-usage down the line too, so far it's a bit heavier than the original, but still: working miracles.