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Update on Flash Jam Submission

Posted by applessmillion - January 30th, 2021

Hi all,

I'll be elaborating on my submission for the flash jam a bit more here. I'm actually very relieved the deadline is the end of next month, as it'll give me plenty of time to polish, add, and balance everything I want. Keep reading if you'd like to learn more about Jaded Slasher (name still WIP).

The Premise

Our main character finds themselves at the dead-end of a forest wondering how she got there. She must fight through the forest to get back to town. Along the way she finds other travelers with quests, story, and uncovers various secrets of the area she's in.

The Gameplay


Jaded Slasher takes quite a bit of inspiration from Bush Whacker and games like it. You travel room to room and need to unlock each new room you visit. Key pieces are unlocked by defeating enemies in the room. The stronger the enemy, the more likely you are to get a key piece! I plan to have at least 30 rooms to visit and unlock, so this will not be a short game. Enemies also get stronger in further rooms, so you'll need to level up and apply those still points to get ahead!

Skills & Stats

Let's not forget about stats. Every enemy (passive or otherwise) drops EXP and a chance of gold. Gold can be used to purchase stuff further into the game. EXP is used to level up.

Each level the player is rewarded with a skill point, which can be used to increase either the attack, defense, health or luck (gold gain/crit chance). Luck will have a maximum skill level, while the other three will not.

Here's a quick rundown of each of the skills:

  • Attack: Deals 1 damage extra per level. Hurts enemies.
  • Defense: Adds 2 additional defense per level. 4 defense negates 1 damage. Defense can be pierced by difficult enemies.
  • Health: Gain 2 health per level. Amount of damage you can take before dying.
  • Luck: Increase gold gain and crit chance by 1 each level. Plan to max this skill at level 10-15.
  • Key Chance: Purchasable upgrade. Will allow for key pieces to be found easier.

These skills are built into the game already, but are not currently used. I just added the leveling feature yesterday and will have these apply in the next few days.


Since the Flash Jam deadline isn't until the end of next month, it gives me plenty of time to flesh out other features. Quests will allow the player to earn additional EXP when a quest-giver requests something.

Quests are planned to be a mix of one-time quests and randomized quests. One-time quests will be more focused on achieving something once (finding lost item, killing boss, etc.) while randomized quests will require the player to kill various enemies X amount of times. Quests are still at the first stage of development, so this may change.


Since the town is quite a far ways away, travelers have set up various campsites along the way. These campsites allow the player to heal, shop, and chat with other NPCs. Some of these NPCs are quest-givers as well.

Progress Thus Far & Plans

I began developing this game on the 22nd of this month and have had the premise for awhile now. I was originally going to develop this in HTML/JS which (in my opinion) was going to take months longer to develop. I originally skipped over the ActionScript 2 part of the flash jam. I was originally developing this game in ActionScript 3 until the 25th, so had to spend an extra day converting everything. ActionScript 2 is great, but different, so I've had to learn a differences along the way.

What has been made so far is the following:

  • 10 Unlockable rooms across two tilesets
  • 2 Campsites
  • 16 Enemy types
  • 2 NPC types

What I want to have by the end of next month:

  • 30 Unlockable rooms across 3 tilesets
  • 5 Campsites
  • 35 Enemy types
  • 10 NPC types
  • Quest system in place

Since most of the core system is in place, I am thinking the planned features should be accomplishable within the timeframe.

Future Updates

I'll plan to be posting another update with this game later next month probably within a week of it being complete. In case anyone would like to get a taste of this game, you can view a basic demo here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/project/1583773

This demo was created ~2 days ago after the implementation of room key pieces. It only contains basics of the game and does not feature leveling, questing, or anything other than enemies and room unlocking.

Feel free to DM or comment below with suggestions, ideas, or anything else!


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