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applessmillion's News

Posted by applessmillion - August 20th, 2015

I hope to have this game out by the end of next month, hopefully sooner. But here's progress of it, the character creation screen:


Still ain't going to say much else about this game, but hopefully this is some insight to what the game will be about (maybe)!

Posted by applessmillion - August 19th, 2015

So I'm kinda proud of this dressup character thing that I've been working on. It's something small for something much bigger. Managed to get it to save character info, so yay. Tell me what you think about it, and what I can do to improve it (ofc I'll be adding decor and stuff, it won't always be a gray background with little)


(Link to Dumping Ground page)

(Yes I have a shoes option without any shoes, it just makes hair toggle for now. There will be shoes eventually!)

Posted by applessmillion - August 17th, 2015

The Newgrounds flash API is one of the best features you can have in a flash game, like, ever.

So, not only does it allow you to have metals, scoreboards, saved data, and the ability to pull information from users (mainly username), it's a wonderful tracker.

I've had fun tracking the spread of Electric Rubber ever since the first week I put it here on Newgrounds. Although it was only about a month after I first uploaded it(to Kongregate, for those wondering), I have come to realize how insignificant that website can be with tracking. Turns out, at least three websites snagged it from Kongregate without my knowledge. Sure, I don't care, the more the better, but I always do like knowing how it's done and what version it was on (One website actually snagged the very first version, with only two upgrades).

Now, why am I writing this and why do I care? Kongregate is only better at one thing - tracking your money. You can export spreadsheets, check custom date ranges, and yeah, that's awesome and all, but you can only see how well your game does on that website with their API. Turns out within the month before I threw the Newgrounds API into the game for the first time, the three websites that picked it up gathered a total of 12k views. That's quite amazing, but they're running on old versions. What could I possibly do with the Kong API? Nothing.You can't upload a new version and have the game redirect telling people about the new version (which I'm sure site owners would be quick to grab it too, don't want traffic being redirected to a new site). I know of no other website that offers that feature. Although I've only had to use it once before, it's useful at keeping the version somewhat normal throughout websites.



Yeah, Newgrounds is the only website I know to have something like this purely awesome thing.


Random news post, but I just love it. So I decided to write about it :P

Posted by applessmillion - August 14th, 2015

[Click to play]

5433184_143952798931_erub2.pngElectric Rubber 2 has been released.

What can you expect in this sequel? Clicking, more rubbing, more buyables (3 pages of em!) and more things to upgrade. You can also now purchase 3 upgradeable storage thingys (power plants). Take a look and tell me what you think!

Oh yeah, did I mention it has 24 metals to unlock and over 10 scoreboards? Well, it does. I kinda went overkill with those things this time. Enjoy!

Play it here.

Posted by applessmillion - August 3rd, 2015

This'll be my longest blog post to date (with pretty pictures, too). Mainly a progress update and plans for this month and next, it'll also go into some detail about the recent Trivial Trivia series.



The future is coming

Electric Rubber 2 is coming along nicely. Have made 3 functional pages of the Shop, 3/6 functional front page buttons, and a conversion page to convert your energy (joules) into money.



Clicking - Click for a powerful boost to your energy. Has a 30 second cooldown, which can be redused by purchasing cooldown reducers in the store.

Money - Convert energy to money, which is how you'll purchase things.

Achievements - Track your achievements in-game, along with being able to view them on Newgrounds.

Multiple Plants - Buy more than one energy plant! Multiplies your idle gainings, energy clicking, capacity, and more by how many plants you have. Maximum of 3 plants are planned.

Plant View (work in prog.) - Upgrade your plants from one single page.

Info Box: Seen to the right of the rubbing box, your information about a few things will be displayed. Hopefully this will make it easier to see your current stats.


Expecting this game to be ready sometime mid-August on a Thursday or Friday. I plan on having over 15 medals and over 5 scoreboards, so this'll be full o' Newgrounds API stuff.



(Old logo cuz why not)

Electric Rubber will also be getting an update shortly after the release of Electric Rubber 2. Mainly to exterminate bugs, some features from it's sequel may make their way into this game (99.9% chance of an info box).

I'm also amazed and glad to know that this game has been extremely popular (by my standards, at least) by generating over 15k views on Newgrounds and a combined total of over 22k throughout sites that have the Newgrounds copy of it. Thanks for all the support!


The games that seem to love to be hated

Yes, this series is not my best work. Yes, there's a near 0% replay value, yes it's just questions and clicking, but there is a special category here on Newgrounds just for that, right? Trivial Trivia was always planned to be a series of games meant to center around a topic (or in the case of the first, not center around one at all) while offering some sort of challenge. I wanted to create a series that would be easy to clone (like a quiz game) to use as a filler between major releases, like the first game I mentioned here in my post. 

With that being said, I don't like making low-quality games. But looking into this quiz category a bit more, I've noticed it needs a few games with metals. My general idea is, that if the newest game of TT recieves a score of 3 or above, I'll make another the next week. If it recieves a lower score, I'll possibly delay or stop the production of them, and if any of the games in the series recieve a score lower than 2.25, I will cease to produce these games. Feedback is always welcome, as I mainly judge making a new game on score, comments, and plays.

Hey, that math game got a score of 3. Does that mean you're making another one?

Yes. Meet it below.


Trivial Trivia: Movies will be released August 11th, which may also be the same week as Electric Rubber 2.


So what's up for next month? It's been a game that I originally started around Robot Day, but put on delay for Zomboid Grinder. After Electric Rubber 2, work will begin on it again. I am hoping for a September release, but with the return of school (first year of college for me), and my birthday, I don't want to put a date on this. It's codename is currently "Rubbing Adventures". Take what you want from that title :) 

I've published games on other websites years back, and if I am short on time with college this coming year, I'll probably spend time on adding the NG API and publish them instead of creating new games. So be prepared for that if time isn't plentyful for me this fall.

I think that covers everything I need to say, so thanks for reading!

Posted by applessmillion - July 28th, 2015



Release Date: Today.




Release Date: Early-Mid August (With these gunna try for a Tuesday release)

More TTs will keep coming if this one is recieved well. TT:Math will be the best game in the series.




Release Date: Late August - Early September

More info coming soon.

Posted by applessmillion - July 18th, 2015


Trivial Trivia: Impossible

Introducing a new type of game - a trivia game. Challenge yourself with 20 questions randomly chosen from a pool of 60 random and weird questions. Score high enough and earn the three metals attached with this game, while also competing for a high score!


Trivial Trivial: Impossible is available here.

Posted by applessmillion - July 9th, 2015


Zomboid Grinder, The dark robotic-computery rubbing game is out! Finally got everything working. Filled with 10 Medals and 4 Scoreboards, you'll have enough to do in this game. This game has actually been more of a help to me than I'd imagine. Since creating it, I'll now be able to use this as a base for another project I was working on before creating this. 

But anyways, good luck to anyone who wishes to persue all 10 metals (5 Minute battle is actually somewhat difficult), may the best of luck be with you!

Posted by applessmillion - July 7th, 2015

Codename "YouBot vs ZomBot" (too lame to be a final name)


Above is the game. Work-in-progress-art with solid gameplay. Just need to add two more functional functions (cuz right now the Zomboid doesn't want to attack and the helper bots don't wanna spawn)

In this game, you are [yournamehere]Bot, a robot that has survived the Droidacalypse. After years of fighting and destruction, you've managed to locate the head Zomboid - Zombot. Fight and destroy this undead robot! It won't be easy though, you'll need to upgrade and hire help if you want to defeat this fiend.

Right, there's the description, now for a bit about the game.

I came up with the concept around the 4th or 5th of this month, giving me enough time to really code in one amazing battle scene. I originally wanted it to be a defend-against-impossible-numbers kinda thing, but it just didn't turn out right, so instead I decided to go the final bossfight route. 

When it's all done, you'll have you, your helper bots, if you decide to hire them, and the Zombot. Zombot will shoot balls of energy (like lazers but less overrated) at you every 1-1.25 seconds, which will damage your helperbots first, then you if you run out of those little helpers. You can speed up the battle process by purchasing upgrades with scrap. Scrap falls off of Zombot when you attack him. The upgrades are as follows:


Upgrade your attack power with each purchase! Increase your attack damage (and scrap gain) with each level.


Buy more helper robots! Use them to multiply your attack power and do the work for you! They attack every 0.75 seconds, so they're worth having! You can have a maximum of 3 at a time.


Multi is an upgrade to multiply your scrap reward. Multiplier of two? Get double the scrap!


Upgrade your health before it's too late! If something goes wrong and that Zombot gets to you, you better have a good amount of health, or it's lights out!

Release date for this will hopefully be the 8th or the 9th, and worst case would be the 10th. Just gotta make the art look a bit better and fix two broken functions, then it'll be all ready for Newgrounds (after adding medals and highscores, of course).



In other news... I've imported an old game I made to Newgrounds, 30 Second Clicker. It's extremely simple, and I was able to add the Newgrounds API to it in a short break from working on this Robot Day submission. Has a few medals too, check it out, or don't.

Posted by applessmillion - July 7th, 2015

Hello yall, I have recently joined Newgrounds despite hearing mentions of this website for years now. I decided to come here after I just wasn't getting what I wanted from another website (you'll now it if you check my links). Since coming here, I've been blown away with how easy the Newgrounds API is (and how they actually trust users with making and giving away medals in their games :o). While it does lack some things (mainly an option to tell what's new in games/ect. after an update), the site is really better than what I could have expected.

The community here seems a lot more active, and I've been surprisingly pleased with the approvement process with games/movies/ect. here, seems to work really well. I think this website is a website I've been looking for for quite awhile now ^_^.