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applessmillion's News

Posted by applessmillion - October 21st, 2015


Version v1.1


  • Additional quest - 28 instead of 27.



  • Modified reward for whacking candy bags. Reward is now 1-4 (+1-3).
  • Modified reward for whacking cauldrons. Reward is now 12 (+2).
  • Changed saving frequency. Now saves after each round and after each each quest completed.
  • Changed quest updating.


  • Corrected level 3 and 4 spawning issues.
  • Corrected round time issues.
  • Fixed incorrect rewarding of quests.


Posted by applessmillion - October 21st, 2015


Candy Whacker has now been released.

Looking for a challenge this Halloween? Try out Candy Whacker! Whack treat bags and get a great score for candy, which you can use to upgrade your game and unlock more levels! This is really the first game I've created with an official end (finishing all quests), so tell me how that goes too!


There is an Android app, too!

It'll be available here when it's published.


And of course, if there's anything weird you notice, report it to me via PM or in the comments! Suggestions are welcome as well!

Posted by applessmillion - October 20th, 2015

Candy Whacker will release within the next 24 hours. Probably within the next 2 hours.

It's finally done! All 34 quests are written, 6 levels made, upgrades maxed, and everything is set to go. Except for the Android App, which is what will be worked on right after writing this. I hope to publish the Flash version while it's still being reviewed (risky but it should work). That's really all I have to say for this, keep checkin for an official post for when I really do release it (I'll be front page posting the announcement, so it won't be completely hidden).


As for the next month

I've realized I've really neglected the games that have gotten me this far, and want to spend the most part of next month doing only bugfixes. I have a plan for a Thanksgiving game already, and have planned it to be simple so it won't become such a large project like Candy Whacker has, where I've had to completely neglect attention to Idle City when it really is having some serious problems right now (if you think the Flash is bad, the app is dreadful...). I plan to start with Idle City, fixing the bugs and issues where they are currently, then moving back to my older projects. I know Electric Rubber and Electric Rubber 2 are still being played (I do like looking at those statistics..), so I know the need to fix them is there. So here's my plan for November:

November 1-18: Bugfixing

November 19-20: Personal stuff (Friends birthday, doing irl shizzle, etc. etc.)

November 21-27: Work on Codename Turkey Run


Why don't I get started this week? Well, Halloween! I'll be goin to a party this weekend, and I may be out with a few peeps on the legit Halloween weekend. Busy next few days for me!


Anyways, back to coding, and having some fun with the Google dev shizzle.. yey


P.S. I will probably be ignoring all PMs over the weekend and into next week. College assignments and shizzle is getting demanding then. I'll also be meeting with an advisor to plan my colleges next semester. So if you have something to report, PM me ASAP or expect a reply around the first of November.

Posted by applessmillion - October 18th, 2015


5 Levels, 20+ quests, 2 Upgrades, +10 Scoreboards, +10 Metals, 1 Android App.

Coming later this week :)

Posted by applessmillion - October 8th, 2015


Pumpkins with treats in them are worth 1 point. Pumpkins with a G (will eventually be golden pumpkins) are worth 5. Monsters and ghouls will take -2 points from your score.


I am looking for feedback on the current structure of an upcoming game "Whack-a-Treat". Any suggestions/ideas/critisisms/anything is welcome. Please note that the version playable does not represent the final product, there are a lot of things that are not implemented yet (some of it coded, some of it not).


Guarenteed features before launch:

  • Better graphical sprites.
  • More Levels.
  • More Upgrades.

Note that those are obvious features. There are still quite a few gameplay features that'll be a surprise :)

What isn't in this preview:

  • 100% Working upgrades
  • Differences between levels (whack-wise. Scenery does change!)
  • Saving your game
  • API integration (well it is, just nothing is set up yet...)
  • A finished game



This preview will be available until I upload a more finished version. So for the next day or so.


Posted by applessmillion - October 4th, 2015


Idle City has now been released

Check it out here on Newgrounds or try out the app for Android!

Posted by applessmillion - September 30th, 2015

Idle. Will be coming within the next week or so. Here's a look into the random map generation:




You're randomly generated a city map when you click play. Based off of the plots and buildings that spawn, you'll be given income and population numbers based on them. Currently there are 7 different tiles that generate a map, looking into making more before release as well.

It will basically put you in the seat of never having to do anything while having control over a city. You don't have to click, rub, press anything or do anything to make money in this game. It is simply given to you every second.

For the people who are looking for a game with a purpose (sorry idlers) it'll feature upgrades to allow you to increase population and increase earnings. This will also bring your rank up.

Random News:

  • Trivial Trivias and the sort will stop being uploaded every Sunday for focus into the Halloween games planned (2) for next month.
  • Some people suggested some topics for these, and I hope to have them out within the next week or so. No specific date/time.
  • One Halloween game will be a re-skin of a game currently being made. Will publish at the end of October. Ofc it won't be a total bore. It'll have it's own unique Halloweensey stuff to it to make it different than just a change of assets.
  • Other Halloween game is Candy Whack. Probably will be published mid-October.

Posted by applessmillion - September 13th, 2015

Let's take a look at some things I'll be making over the period of time called the "future". Yup, I've given up the nice schedule of publishing to just tell you all what I have planned and goin from there (I just suck at dates, sorry).

Here's a list of legit every game I plan on making in the next few months or so:


Let's start from the top:


Idle., A game where you legit do nothing. I want to make a pure 100% idle game just to see how it goes. I mean everyone nowadays (mainly for mobile games) seems too busy and goes straight for the idle time wasters. Why not make one that legit is idle, a time waster, and requires you to do nothing, while giving rewards via achievements and high scores?

I want to have this game done and out sometime this month or next. I mean really, it isn't too much of a game, quite easy to make, I've pretty much gotten the core of it made, but where it lacks in gameplay, I want to make up for in sleek visuals. So while it won''t be the most amazing thing I've made gameplay wise, it'll be a nice looking game.




Rubbing Adventures, a game that will be a lot of work, but will [probably] be worth it, is a game where you take Clicker Heroes, mix it a bit with Adventure Capitalist, add a few elements from the stereotypical RPG, add a tad bit of user rewards and uniqueness, and you've got this.

You see, you rub things, click occasionally, and earn money (Eyy, sounds like Electric Rubber 2 already). There are 3 enemies per stage, two being "basic" while one is "elite". You defeat 20 (believe me, rubbing is easier than clicking, so 20 is not overkill) enemies to move onto the next level.

This was going to be Sepetember's big project, but as you can see, things got a bit busy at the end of August and things didn't go well. I do want this game to get done, it's probably better than any game on this list, but it takes time and the ability to make it lagless (you'll get a bit of what I mean below maybe).




Trivial Trivia

Hahahaahahaha yeah this section got it's own post about an hour ago. It became so huge I made a seperate post. So read it here

But yeah. I have plans for at least three more of these games for the next three Sundays.





No image since this game was legit thought up 3 days ago.

Remember Whack-a-Mole? I do too. Remember Whack-a-Mole with upgrades, a high score board, achievements, and special shit? I don't. But when I publish this you'll be able to say you do. It won't be Whack-a-Mole, it'll be whacking something else. Don't know what that something else is, so Whack for now!

This game will be released before, with, or slightly after Idle., still hard to say. I'll be working on this game with a friend, whereas Idle. is still a solo project, so release dates and orders can get a bit bleh.




Whack Halloween

No image since this was legit thought up yesterday night

Remember Whack-a-Mole? I do- wait we did this already. Yeah, this will be a reskinned Whack. But it's okay because it's for Halloween! Anyways, I'll find some way to make this different than Whack, after all, I did that with Electric Rubber and Electric Rubber 2 ehh? I'll be working on this with my friend, too. But release date will be around Halloween of course. 




Oh yeah, I've started converting a few of my games into Android mobile games (and holy bejezus don't ask about iOS please ;-;, I no own a Mac). Currently 30 Second Clicker (30 Second Tap for mobile) is in the store, but the mobile Electric Rubber 2, Current Tycoon, will be publishing tonight. Don't ask about Electric Rubber, bad things happened there.

But anyways, a few of my friends have had this thing they've been working on for awhile now, called Splotus. Splotus is kinda like a fansite that also focuses on other projects in secret, so I decided to go to them to see if they wanted to publish my games. They said yes and so here we are! As of writing this, Current Tycoon is still awaiting publication (they approved a beta build, so I see no issues in publishing to store), so I'll just drop a link for the developer page.



Anyone who is hoping for a PM reply/comment reply that thinks I've been ignoring that stuff is right. Since I've had little time to spend on current games with my endevours, I've generally been ignoring them. I'll try to watch comments and PMs from today onward though!


Thanks for reading as always


Posted by applessmillion - September 13th, 2015

Trivial Trivia Games

Please know this isn't just to defend the most recent game I've published, it's basically a semi-rant that has come out of another artice I've been typing up. It got so large I decided to publish this ahead of my other post, so keep an eye out for that one too.

This post is mainly about why I make these games, and what I intend for them, so read if you want, ignore if you don't.


Okay, I know these aren't "games" in the sense of the word, or really worth publishing anymore (hell, I've gotten a person to tell me they'll give me a 0 star rating for every game I publish with the name, so thanks). Why do I do it? Why did I just publish one today? Well, read on.

These games are total filler for when I don't have any other content lined up for awhile. The Idle game is the next one hopefully (maybe one of the Whacks, if not), so it'll still be awhile. So why do I publish these? Well, I believe if you have some goodish idea, and go with it while improving it based on feedback along the way, good things come out of it. I don't think these games are exactly good, but I will tell you I think they are needed. Sure, no one is yelling out for trivia/quiz games on Newgrounds, but there is a need for them.

Don't believe me? Well, take a look for yourself. Here's the quiz games published in the last 30 days:


This category is dead, and with the exception of some published, most are just rip offs of each other with math questions in mind (ahem, I'm guilty too :P). Here's the stereotypical look if you go to the category:


Notice something? Every Trivial Trivia game that I have made (excluding Math, which is extremely crutial to note) is on the front page for yearly. I don't say this to gloat, I say this because although most people aren't into this type of game, some people are, and the ones that are find these games worthy of making it front page. Most games on this front listing are unique in what they ask and do, something most games published to this category are not. I've seen time after time math quizes make it into this category with low scores, it's because it's been done already and no one wants to play another math quiz game. Unique quiz games get high scores. To be honest, I didn't notice this until I went looking into this next point I am about to make, so I'd honestly like to thank everyone who helped get them here.

The point I was refrencing to above is this: Most of these games are about to get removed from the year list. Most of these games were made back in 2014, with two or three of the top games in the above image made this month last year. That means in a few weeks (next week, for some) they will be wiped from this list.

No one really makes quiz games anymore, and I want to fix that. That is why I publish these things, not because it's easy money (it ain't, if I ever become a money grabber, I'll be milking the Electric Rubber games to death), not because it's an easy high-star game (another it isn't, it really brings me down to see these games score the lowest out of my other games), and for whatever other reason you may think of. I make these because they are needed, and I want to make quality quiz games. I can assure you most games that land in this category do not have the Newgrounds API in them. I do. Sure, they aren't perfect, the Trivial Trivia swf I work off of took around a month and three games to make into what it is, where I'm still modifying the core code to add things here and there, but it works to the point of my approval. 



So what am I asking by making this, by typing up a rant to the people who I hope will stay with me through (what someone wanted to tell me via PM) these shit games? I ask this. If you don't like trivia games, or the feel of these games, I am not making them for you. I promise that I have unique games lined up for the future, they just take way longer to make than a game in this series does. I can finish a Trivial Trivia game in 1-2 days, where coming up with graphical assets, a unique idea, and something fun can take months.

Electric Rubber took me a week to get the base idea for it, back when it only had two upgrades, no shop, and no settings. I worked on it for the next two months to make it into what it is now, and where I couldn't fit something into the original, I put into Electric Rubber 2. The code in both are complete messes, and I like it that way. These games give me great feelings of accomplishment, feelings I will never expect to experience with this series, but I am making what I feel is needed on Newgrounds.

All I ask is, while I make games that I feel proud of and love playing myself, let me make games for those people who may not have enough time to enjoy the games we do, and find fun out of a 1-2 minute quiz.


Since writing this, I want to do something else with these games. Instead of a 10% revenue split with the author of the music I use, I'll be raising it to 60%. Anyone with music that thinks it'll fit with the type of games Trivial Trivia is, mail me.


Thanks for reading, and I promise there's a lot in the future of my creations :)

Posted by applessmillion - September 3rd, 2015

Lets keep this short, cuz I like doing that.


1. 19

Yep, Sept. 1 was my birthday. Woo, one year older and don't even feel it.


2. College

College was an unsuspected whammy. Not because of classes, or homework, but because people at this college are actually, like, super social. College started here on the 26th (w/ freshman welcome week and everything) so I've been super busy. I do have a bunch of free time, but it usually gets filled with social stuffs throughout the past two weeks.


3. Games

For the above reason, this is why no updates/new shiz has come out. I've chosen to abandon my nice neat monthly schedule and make what I can. That Rubbing Adventtures game is a big project, and depending on how things go, it may not make it into this year. I can say that smaller games will be made along with the much loved Trivial Trivia games *cough**cough*.


4. Updates/Bugfixes

Yeah. I know I need to update Erub and Erub2. I've gotten a few really nice bug reports and think I know where some things have gone wrong. Whenever I do get around to fixing things, Erub2 will be fixed before Erub (more reports & details have been submitted for Erub2, making it easier for me to know what's wrong).


5. Activity

I will still try to be active, but of course won't be as active as before. This next week is Labor Day weekend (USA), so I got an entire weekend to do stuff. Minus Saturday. Saturday is party day. I can't miss party day. Party day is fun.


Okay, this wasn't too short, but much shorter than if I went into paragraph form. Anyways, thanks for those fans who recently, well, fanned. Thanks to those fans who have fanned before recently. It's kinda cool that people are interested in my stuff. Anyways, I've been typing this up as my laundry has been going through the wash cycle, and it's just now finishing, so cya all later!